Belated Valentine’s

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not being around for the weekend, especially yesterday! I meant to make a Valentine’s post, but I had such a full day yesterday that I was too tired to come up with a post last night. I apologize!

I’d be blogging more about Valentine’s Day in my personal blog, but I thought I’d blog about this one here, since it involved someone from the book world and all. I posted my Valentine’s wish list last Sunday on my personal blog (because you know, wish lists aren’t only for Christmas and birthdays), just for kicks, and in case there’s anyone around who needs some help not just in making my day brighter but for other people, too. I wasn’t expecting much yesterday (because the real thing about Valentine’s Day is to not expect) but imagine my surprise when I saw an email in my inbox from none other than Mr. Steverino/Emo Boy/Lemons/Happyface/soon-t0-be-released Winter Town, Stephen Emond.

Hi Tina, hope this will do for your valentine’s flower. Happy Valentine’s Day! :~)


I saw this email while we were having our lunch out and the wifi in the restaurant was terribly slow so I couldn’t load the image. I was so excited to see the attachment that I tried it multiple times with my phone and my iPod but alas, it made me wait. When I got back to the office, I immediately opened my email, downloaded the attachment and I saw this:

OMG SO CUTE. It’s so me! Squeeing over sunflowers and books! :) I love it, I love it, I love it! This is definitely one of the best presents I got yesterday. Thank you so much, Steve!

You guys, this is a really good reason for you to get Happyface (which I really, really loved), follow him on Twitter, like his Facebook page, say hi on his website and follow his Tumblr. He’s awesome, yo. :)

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