I’m the kind of person who challenges herself for fun. Sometimes I think I join too many challenges that it cannot possibly be fun anymore…but in the end, I still have fun with it. Reading challenges are always the best for me because reading is something I love (if it’s not yet obvious with the existence of this blog, well, I do not know what else I could do to make it obvious).

So this page (or section, really) is where I’ll be tracking my challenges for the year. I figure, as long as I can read and I still love to read, I will keep on challenging myself. The only way to go is up, right? :)

2011 Challenges

2010 Challenges

  • 100 books in 2010
  • 20 fantasy books
  • 10 classic books
  • TBR Challenge
  • Project 20:10
  • YA-D2 Challenge