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Last year, I won an audiobook of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson during one of the Armchair BEA twitter parties. I thought it was about time for me to try an audiobook, and Suite Scarlett didn’t disappoint. It’s not that I’m new to audiobooks, anyway — I remember listening to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on audio first before I got the Narnia boxed set. That was fun to listen to because there were actual voice actors instead of just one person reading from the book, and I had fun listening to Aslan roar. :D

But anyway, I want to expand my “reading” by including audiobooks in my list. Audiobooks are good for multitasking (I can “read” while taking a shower! While cooking! While doing other things!), and it is absolutely perfect for the gym. Or when I’m walking.

However, they say that not all audiobooks are good, and sometimes a bad audiobook can ruin a perfectly good book. So here’s where you, bookish friends who have probably “read” an audiobook or two, come in: I need audiobook suggestions.

As much as possible, I want an audiobook of a book that I haven’t read yet. But if it’s one of my absolute favorites, or you swear that the audiobook is better, then I can probably give it a go. So, leave a comment with your favorite audiobooks and why it was your favorite and I’ll get it. Well, I’ll try, since audiobooks are a bit more expensive than normal books. I have the rest of the year to acquire them, anyway. So if there’s one audiobook that you really liked, then I want to hear about it (pun intended). Please? :)

4 Thoughts on “Going Audio

  1. Chachic told me the library situation in the Philippines isn’t all that great, so I’m assuming you can’t borrow kindle books from the library?

    • Yeah definitely. The only library I’ve ever borrowed books from here is the one in my old schools, and there are hardly any latest books. Much less Kindle books. Our national library is more of a national archive. I went there one time for research and I didn’t see any books at all. So sad.

      That’s also why we tend to buy/hoard books here. If we had good libraries, I doubt we’d be buying so much. :D There are audiobooks for sale in our bookstores, but there’s only a few selections. :D

  2. Louize gave me this link to one of Neil Gaiman’s short stories: http://www.last.fm/music/Neil+Gaiman/_/Troll+Bridge I haven’t tried to check out the link because I’m not much into audio books, so just let me know if it works. :)

    I haven’t tried listening to it, though, but Neil himself reads the story. I know you haven’t read any Gaiman yet, so maybe this is the perfect opportunity? :)

    • Oh I’ll check that out. I’ve only read Stardust by Neil Gaiman and I need to read more. :D Or “listen” to more. :D

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