Merry Christmas!

I used to have a Santa hat, but it’s missing, so the sunflower hat should do. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Blessings, love, food, good books and peace be with you and your family. :)

Here’s a little something for everyone on Christmas from one of my favorite artists, Dave Barnes. :)


And of course, let’s not forget: Happy birthday, Jesus!

16 Thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. merry christmas. :))

  2. This is one of my favorite songs from the album! At his show in Memphis, he said that it was an original Harry Connick, Jr. song. I had NO idea. Still, I love it.

    • I had All I Want for Christmas on repeat so this one didn’t take the spotlight until recently. I love it. Such a warm and positive song. :D

  3. Merry Christmas, Tina! :) I hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your family.

  4. Have a great Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmassss

  6. Great song :) I love the following lines:
    I pray on Christmas
    All our problems gonna be worked out
    I pray on Christmas
    God’ll show us what love’s about
    Check out Shake Up Christmas by Train, another new Christmas song I love :)

  7. Haha what a cute sunflower! Wish I had the idea to do a special foto for my blog! Want to wish you a Merry Christmas,too and Happy Holidays:)

  8. So what do you get undre your xmas tree? :D

    Hope you have fun

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