So the facelift came a little early

Did I say mid-September on the previous post for the blog facelift? I did. Oh but I’m out of the country on mid-September so…

…look guys, I sort of have a blog facelift! :D

So welcome to the sort-of newish book blog, with a sort of new layout and a cute little header. In case it’s your first time here, this used to be One More Page, but like I said in my previous post, I kind of have a feeling that I’m outgrowing the entire “one more page” thing. You know, like how you can’t sleep until you finish one more page (because I totally do that now), and how you have to stop doing some things because you have to read one more page. My reading has changed a lot since I started this book blog, and I think that’s why I kind of stopped blogging a little because it doesn’t exactly fit how I read now.

And so I figured there’s nothing like a little change to shake things up and (hopefully) get me blogging again. And so here’s the face lift/blog overhaul of sorts!

Why “I Like It Dog-Eared”?

Well…it’s because I dog-ear my books. I tried to not do it you know, with post-its and stuff, but I lose my post-its and it’s just easier to fold the corner of the page. Right, right?

Plus, here’s the thing about me and dog-ears: I find that the more dog-ears make in a book, I seem to like the book more. I normally dog-ear books because I like a quote (or several) on that page, so I keep it there. Of course, when I go and reread that book, I often forget what quote caught me on that page…but I like guessing it sometimes. Sometimes a quote catches my eye because it was just really good, while other times it’s because I can relate to it.

So my books (print ones, anyway) are usually dog-eared, and if there’s no dog-ear there…then it means nothing really resonated with me. It’s not mutually exclusive, though — like if I don’t have dog-eared pages it means I don’t like the book (although so far, that’s been the case). Maybe I’ll write about this more later on.

I am rambling. I dog-ear my books, and I cannot quit it. I do not dog-ear books I borrow from friends, though. For that, I force myself to use post-its. I hope that if you’re the type of person who doesn’t dog-ear, you’re not horrified with me yet (wait until I talk about cracked spines :P).

Oh, and if it matters — I like dogs, too. So you know, dogs + books? Sold. (Although dogs in fiction almost, always dies. *cries*)

 Any new stuff to look at?

Well…I haven’t gotten to that part, yet! Let me catch up with my reviews first (I have some new features there, I think!), and then we’ll get back to reviving old features. Like this and this. And maybe write about more bookish things, because I kind of miss it. Oh and definitely more book club stuff. And maybe some giveaways, before the month ends, like when I get back from my trip next week? I still have a few formatting stuff to do on old posts, so you might see some changes (who knew I’ve written so many reviews already?).

So there! Welcome (back) to my (newish) book blog! No need to update URLs for those who have linked me, but if you can change the link name from One More Page to I Like It Dog-Eared, then I would really, really appreciate it. :)

Before I go, here’s a picture of a dog who is supposed to be on the header, but I haven’t really had the time to clean it up. (The dog on the header is a free stock image from…and isn’t it just the cutest? :D) The dog in the photo below was my beloved Batman, who passed away earlier this year (and still holds a very special place in my dog-loving heart).

Batman <3

Hello, welcome to I Like It Dog-Eared. :D

If I stop blogging again, tweet me this link to give me a little guilt trip. ;)

Thanks for visiting, and here’s to more book blogging!

P.S. I just had some chocolate, hence the semi-incoherence of this post. I should probably go read now.

9 Thoughts on “So the facelift came a little early

  1. It’s absolutely cute. Congratulations, Tina! ♥

  2. Yay for the new “image”! I’m actually looking forward to your features posts. ;)

  3. I love the header! I may not like dog-eared books, but I like highlighting so I guess it’s a bit the same? ;) Congratulations for the facelift, Tina! :)

    • Yahoo! Haha,the books I highlight are only non-fiction books. :D One of my friends got horrified at that, too. One day I will post about those “bookish” sins. Hee. Thank you! :D

  4. Yay to facelift! Perhaps I should follow suit? (It actually bothers me that the site URL is different from the blog name.)

    • I find that I have blogging juice now. Hee, look, I just blogged!

      I wanted to change URLs, too, but it’s too much of a hassle to change everything else in the posts. There’s an IT way to redirect all the URLs, and then I remembered SEO…and I realized my blog had too many links for me to change. Plus, I’m just lazy. :P If it helps, redirects to this site, just so I can give that away, too. :D

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