Required Reading: May

Altogether now: where did April go?

As I mentioned in my other non-review posts in the past months, April has been another slow reading month, but looking back, it’s actually quite a good month for reading! Yes, I was terribly slow (still 9 books behind in my Goodreads challenge — soon to be 10 this week!), but it’s still all good.

So April, April. I was able to finish the two books I listed in my Required Reaching challenge in two days. I didn’t cheat, but of course we have to remember the fact that I read them during Holy Week break, and they were children’s books. But hey, whatever genre they are, they are still books. :P So recap!

I also finished my second classic for the year, Jane Eyre. I still haven’t finished Mother Teresa’s book, but I promise, I will finish it this year.

Required Reading: May

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