Bookish Tumblring

I have a couple of books that I need to write reviews for, but I’m just really in a lazy mood to blog, even if there’s not much work. I don’t think it’s just me — some of my other blogger friends are going to a blogging slump. I’ve been blogging for so long already that this isn’t a strange or new thing for me anymore. I try not to pressure myself in blogging since I do this for fun. I do feel a teensy bit guilty though, not enough to have me pressured, but enough to make me think of something to post.

Enter Tumblr.

I’ve had a Tumblr account for a very long time now, but I’ve only been active in it as of late. There’s so many cool stuff to look at there, especially nice pictures. I don’t really read much in Tumblr, I look. It’s so easy to post pictures in tumblr, and so many people post that it’s also just so easy to look! Dogs, cats, TV show screencaps, memes galore in Tumblr, but one of my favorites (obviously) are the book-related posts. :)

Like these:

Okay this says the girl is really studying, but hey, it could just be reading, you know. The stars around her made me like this instantly. Can I has the same for my room?

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