Win a signed Personal Demons ARC

I’ve been joining book giveaway contests left and right now, and until now I haven’t won anything. :( But I guess that’s what happens when good books are up for grabs, everyone gets excited and more people join and…well, hey, most of the time, it’s all about luck.

So here’s another one in hopes to get lucky! :)

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Last Wednesday, my WoW entry was Lisa DesrochersPersonal Demons. The first chapter excerpt was awesome and exciting (I am liking Luc already!), so now I can’t wait. So now I want to win that book.

Ergo, this blog post.

So yay! Lisa Desrochers is giving away a signed ARC of Personal Demons (as well as other books) for the month of July! Just leave a comment on this entry before noon July 30 (PST) — a question, a comment, say hi.

Here’s hoping I win it this time. :D Don’t forget, go visit this entry and leave a comment at this entry before July 30 to get a chance to win Personal Demons! If you win and I know you personally, can I borrow your copy? ;)

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