All Things Dystopian (YA-D2 Challenge)

Lately I realized that I have been avoiding the shelves I frequent in the bookstore when I started reading more. By these shelves, I mean the shelves that contain paranormal romance, and even plain contemporary young adult romance. I don’t really know when or why it started, but I find myself not getting interested in any of the new stuff under those sub-genre. More often than not, I feel relieved when I decide not to pick up the book especially after I find some of the reviewers I follow say that they didn’t like the book or it’s a Twilight derivative. I mean, who wants that, right? (No offense to anyone, of course)

After some time, I realized again that I seemed to have found a new pattern to the books I have been reading lately, and I can only blame some of the guys I got to know recently for this new sub-genre fascination.

Friends, I think I fell in love with dystopia.

Aaron posted about this last week, and he managed to convince me to try out this challenge on top of the other challenges I’m doing. I figure, what the heck, right? It’s not like it’s going to be a hard challenge, anyway, what with all the dystopia books waiting on my TBR shelf.

So, yeah, here’s another one for my challenges for this year. I’m joining Bart’s Bookshelf‘s YA-D2: The YA Dystopian Reading Challenge. You want something crazier? I’m going for the die-hard’s choice:

Welcome to Level 3.

Oooh, how ominous. According to the challenge:

Level 3: Is for the dystopian die-hards! Minimum requirement for this level is five young adult dystopian novels, between the 1st October and 19th December. There is, however no maximum cap, you can keep reading for as many books as you like!

Just five, huh. I could do that. I mean, I set to read 20 fantasy books this year, and I lost count at how many I read this year. So, unless the world ends or the zombie apocalypse comes, I don’t think there would be a reason why I won’t be able to finish this challenge. :)

And now the books I will read for this challenge. Much thanks to Aaron for pointing them out of my shelf. :D

  1. The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
  2. Gone by Michael Grant
  3. Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden
  4. The Dead of the Night by John Marsden
  5. Z by Michael Thomas Ford

Wait, just five? I think I still have some I can add to this list! Some reserves/alternates, in case I don’t get to read the others for some reason, or in case I feel like going on and on and on and on until the challenge ends.

And that should be enough. I guess I’ll take today up until the end of September to read the other “normal” books I have before I plunge into all the end-of-the-world/post-apocalyptic dystopia goodness. :)

17 Thoughts on “All Things Dystopian (YA-D2 Challenge)

  1. You’re extreme!! You just listed 9! I controlled myself listing just 5!! This challenged me, I need to do more than 9!

    The Dead – Charles Higson
    Killing Frost – John Marsden
    The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman
    The Forest of Hand and Teeth – Carrie Ryan
    The White Tower – John Christopher
    The City of Gold and Lead – John Christopher
    The Mortal Engines – Phillip Reeve

    I already got a copy of half of those. Had I not read a lot of dystopian books in the past, I can make it 30!!!

    • I think I may be bordering on crazy? Haha kidding. But the last four are reserve/alternates, anyway, so I won’t really read it unless I feel like it. :)

      ..but I may make an excuse for Monsters of Men if I get a copy of it soon. :P

    • Oh, scratch that. I made my list 10. I added Grace by Elizabeth Scott. Big chance that I’ll be getting the copy I reserved today after credit card cut-off. (Bah, Fully Booked, my wallet is mad at you!)

  2. Ooh, cool challenge. But I’m still working on my TBR, so don’t think I can join this one. Hey, so how’d you find Knife of Never Letting Go? I see you already listed the whole trilogy in your list up there.:)

    • I already said it yesterday during the meet up, but I should comment here again. Knife of Never Letting Go = MANCHEE! :( I loved it, I can’t wait to get started on the next book, and I must get a copy of Monsters of Men (in paperback of course!) soon. :)

  3. Ariel Acupan on September 25, 2010 at 10:10 am said:

    I can’t wait for us to start the challenge. ^_^

    Let the games begin.

  4. Thanks for joining the challenge! Tomorrow When the War Began is a stunning series! Make sure you have easy access to the rest, because you will want to keep reading. Ellie Linton is one of my favourite characters ever.

    • Hi Darren! Thanks for visiting. :) I’ve heard a lot of good things about that series thanks to Aaron, and I look forward to reading this, and the challenge as a whole. :D

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