75 Signs of a Book-a-holic

I got this list from a friend‘s tweet a couple of days ago, and thought it was funny. I’m not sure everything applies to me, though. So maybe I’m not a big bibliophile as I thought I was? :P

Here’s are some noteworthy items in the list, ones that I can really relate to, with my personal comments. :) The full list is here, so just click to see the complete list. :)

75 Signs You’re a Bibliophile

1. You actually completed an English degree.

Comment: Oh, I wish I did. Well, okay, I don’t wish, but if I didn’t take up Computer Science, I’d probably have an English degree.

7. You have a little vein in your forehead that throbs whenever you hear about sparkly vampires.

Comment: This one made me laugh out loud. Haha yes, there’s a vein! Sparkly vampires made me stop reading about vampires altogether. :P

9. Your loved ones tire of you spouting clichéd “The book was better” diatribes.

Comment: It’s a good thing I have a lot of friends who also read the book before any movie version came out. :P

11. You have a crush on David Sedaris or Sarah Vowell.

Comment: Will you kill me if I say I haven’t read either? *hides*

14. You’d read in the car if you could.

Comment: I read in the car! Then again, I don’t drive, so I can read all I want. :P

15. Better yet, you take public transportation for reasons other than cost and the environment.

Comment: Oh, so true. :)

16. Used, local and specialty bookstores are your kryptonite.

Comment: It’s my kryptonite because it never fails to make me sneeze! :( Allergies go away! I have yet to master the art of bargain bin diving.

17. The New York Times Review of Books is among your browser bookmarks.

Comment: Not yet, but I have a lot of book blogs in my bookmarks.

18. You start a book blog just for the ARCs.

Comment: Hey now, it’s not the only reason! It’s a perk, but I haven’t received any ARCs yet, and the blog is still alive. :P

19. You ? your local library.

Comment: I wish we have a local library. :(

20. You find Belle the least offensive of the Disney princesses.

Comment: Now that you mentioned it…yes, I do. :P

22. You own a cat, a grand selection of tea and/or coffee, an all-purpose tote bag for shopping (that may or may not be constructed of post-consumer recycled products), a knitting habit or some combination thereof.

Comment: Cat, all-purpose tote for shopping. I’m not a fan of knitting, or tea. :P

24. Oprah’s Book Club makes you want to destroy something beautiful.

Comment: I think the only Oprah’s Book Club book I read is She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I have yet to pick up another, so I can’t say I agree with this. :P

26. You actually know the difference between you’re/your, they’re/their/there and it’s/its.

Comment: Oh everyone should know about this!

28. The social events you look forward to most either involve the library, readings or lectures.

Comment: Do bookstore visits count? :P

30. You think Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other electronic books take a little something away from the reading experience.

Comment: No, of course not. I want to have my own Kindle! But I still love print books.:P

32. You know that irony is not rain on your wedding day or a free ride, but you’ve already paid.

Comment: LOL.

40. You actually read the included supplementary material.

Comment: Guilty as charged. :P

42. You love incorporating books into your home décor.

Comment: I’d build myself a wall of books if I can. :P

44. You have one specific genre or subgenre that you absolutely hate and avoid at all costs.

Comment: That genre right now is historical. I’m sorry, it just bores me out of my mind. I can give it a try again.

45. Broken spines seem almost like injuries.


46. You sell your clothes and other possessions before you sell your books.

Comment: I haven’t gone that far yet, but I’ve bought books before other clothes.

48. You’re reluctant to lend out your books.

Comment: It depends on who I’m lending it to. :P

49. You consider dogearing a sacrilege.

Comment: Oh curse me now, I dogear some of my books. X_X

50. You never walk out of a bookstore empty-handed.

Comment: I try my best, but sometimes resistance is futile.

51. You usually carry around 2 books at a time.

Comment: One print book, one ebook. Okay, about more than 10 ebooks because I have too many in my reader.

59. You don’t take an iPod to the gym.

Comment: I do, but I use it to read thanks to iPod reading apps. :D

60. You didn’t join a book club…you started one.

Comment: I started one at work but it has yet to meet. ^^;

62. Every kid in your English class hated you.

Comment: I have no idea if they hated me, but I know my high school English teacher liked me. :D

65. Someone always gives you a fancy bookmark as a gift every year…

Comment: Hm, this is true.

66. …and you usually use 2-4 at a time.

Comment: Hear hear!

68. Friends and family think you’re crazy for re-reading certain books.

Comment: Hasn’t happened yet, thankfully. :P

69. You used to spend recess reading.

Comment: Guilty! :)

70. You are conflicted over the thought of writing on the pages.

Comment: I don’t mind writing in non-fiction book pages. For fiction…well it’s another story.

71. You own multiple editions of the same book.

Comment: Haven’t gone that far yet. :P

75. You really, really, really, really, really, really, really like books.

Comment: DUH. :)

35 out of 75. Not too bad, I guess?

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