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Forgive me if I’ve been ignorant. I thought Patrick NessA Monster Calls has been released everywhere because…well, I have a copy and we have copies here, and some friends I know have copies. Imagine my slight surprise when I found out that it’s not yet released in the US, and won’t be until the 27th.

No wonder not a lot of people seemed to have read it yet. And why it’s so hard to find a copy here. (But hey, Book Depository has had that book for ages!)

Anyway, Candlewick Press has released a trailer for A Monster Calls, and I must say: like the book, the trailer is awesome. It definitely made use of the illustrations in the book well. Check it out:


You can check out a bigger version here.

There’s more Patrick Ness / A Monster Calls goodness in this Shelf Awareness Maximum Shelf August 24 issue (may be a bit spoilery, so if you haven’t read the book yet, proceed with caution!). A Monster Calls is one of my favorite books this year, and I definitely recommend that you get your hands on it if you haven’t yet. If you’re not a fan of his other books, don’t worry — this one is very different, and I’m pretty sure it will be worth your time. :)

5 Thoughts on “A Monster Calls Trailer

  1. I didn’t know it hasn’t been released there either! I’ve been trying to get my sister (who lives in AK) to buy a copy and she says she hasn’t seen it around.

  2. Wow, the trailer is awesome! The violin and the text and the cracking sounds of the monster are great. I’m excited for the US release. It’s been awhile since I got my copy since I preordered for BD (and got a real steal pricewise). Thanks for posting. I need to go read the interview as well.

  3. I’ve put this on my Christmas wish list! Also, this is one of THE BEST book trailers I have ever seen. EVER.

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