Armchair BEA 2011: Hello World!

I’ve been trying to think of a good introduction for my first post for Armchair BEA 2011 for the past hour, but I honestly can’t think of any. Since I signed up for this at the spur-of-the-moment, I figure the most proper way to go through this post is to jump right in.

Oh, look, I have an intro. =D

So. Hello world! Welcome to One More Page! :)

No, this isn't my armchair for BEA. This is a couch at work. :) Photo was taken late last year, and I just remembered them recently.

I’m Tina, 25 years old, book blogging from the Philippines! In case you’re not sure where the Philippines is, it’s here:

If you see the distance between the Philippines and NYC, where Book Expo America is being held, you’d probably understand why I’m just participating in Armchair BEA. But it’s okay! I’ve always dreamed of going to New York City, and BEA just adds to the perks of wanting to visit the city. One day, one BEA, I’ll be there in the flesh. :)

I’ve been reading since I was a kid, ever since a classmate let me borrow one of her Sweet Valley Kids books. I try to read everything that seems interesting, but I’m very partial to contemporary YA, chick lit and just last year, fantasy. I like reading books with Christian characters/themes as well as Filipino-authored books (love your own, of course). Some favorite books from the top of my head: This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and Dreaming in Black and White by Laura Jensen Walker among others. I have a favorites shelf in Goodreads, if you want to check it out. :)

I’ve been blogging since 2000, but I only started book blogging in 2010. I used to write book reviews and such in my old personal blog, but some friends complained that my book reviews are taking over the personal stuff, so I moved it. I still maintain a personal blog, and you can drop by there in case you want to read about non-book related Tina things. :) I used to write some book reviews for The Philippine Online Chronicles, and now I contribute some book lists to Female Network. I also have a fiction blog, and every November I turn into a cat-herder, cheerleader, Municipal Liaison and mad novelist for National Novel Writing Month.

When I’m not reading (what do you know, that still happens!), I like to write, hang out with friends, and travel every now and then. I’m very talkative, and it shows in my blogging, if it’s not obvious. :P Oh, and blogging/being online for a long time means I am very Google-able, but if you want to reach me, you can just follow my Twitter or Tumblr, or add me on Goodreads. I don’t bite. =D

No armchairs, but the couch is just as comfy. Oh and what do you know, I actually have a proper "reading" picture!

Armchair BEAI’m very excited to be a part of Armchair BEA (even if I did sign up at the spur of the moment). I feel like this is a time when I can quit being too much of a lurker among the book blogging community and “meet” other bloggers all over the world. If you’re new here, consider this a formal introduction, and if you’re an old follower, then consider this as another “hello”. :) Be sure to visit the other Armchair BEA 2011 participants, too!

18 Thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2011: Hello World!

  1. Oh hey, you have a new banner! I think it looks pretty and it suits your personality more than the old one. Plus, it’s a personalized drawing from a favorite author. :D

    • Yep! It was a slow work day, so I decided to tinker with a banner and the theme. Just in time for Armchair BEA. :D

      • I kind of got the idea that it was a slow work day because you were able to have a mini-pictorial for this post. :P Jealous because we’re not allowed to take pictures in our office! Otherwise, I’d ask Ian to have bookish photo shoots every week.

        • Haha, you know what, those photos are actually old! I remembered we had to shoot this stop-motion video last year for an event, and I found these photos of me “reading”. So I actually have a proper reading picture all along, I just forgot about it. :D We’re not allowed to take pictures at work, too, unless we have a permit. It’s fairly easy to get a permit though. Other times, we just sneak some shots in. :D

  2. hello, I’m a first time BEA participate. you are the second phillippine blogger i’ve come to. I love your header. i shall follow so i can learn more about the books written from your country. This will help with my challenge of being a diverse reader as well.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting! :) Let me guess, the other one you visited was Chachic? I hope our books get enough exposure so you’ll be able to read them. Oh, but if you have an e-reader, try looking for Mina V. Esguerra’s books — they’re good chick lit, if that’s your thing. :)

  3. Thanks for the graphics and the pics! :) Stop being a lurker!!! lol.
    Armchair BEA: About Us!

    • LOL, I’m going to my best to stop lurking! :) Heading over to your blog now. Thanks for visiting!

  4. It has been a great day meeting new book bloggers! My daughter loved the Sweet Valley Twins books. Did you read the new adult fiction about the twins?

    • Hi Nise! Yes, I read Sweet Valley Confidential! Man, what a trip down memory lane. Can’t say it was very good, though. LOL. Thanks for visiting!

  5. The new header looks pretty. And it’s so YOU. :)

  6. Hi Tina! Great pictures! It looks like you are definitely having fun. On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers, I hope you have a blast this week!

  7. Oh wow, small world! You and Kai are co-workers? So cool! In that case I didn’t even need to read this post to know that you’re awesome :D You better quit being a lurker – I want to see you loud, proud and spreading your awesomeness across the entire community!

    I LOVE The Truth About Forever aswell. It was my first Sarah Dessen book and I feel in love with it!

    • Hi Brodie! Yes! Kai and I have been teammates since 2007. :) We often go to the local bookstore here when we need to de-stress.

      I’m normally very, very loud in person. Strange that my online personality can be quiet sometimes. But it’s time to bring that real life to online life, right? =D

  8. LOL! You had a photoshoot at your office! haha. You didn’t even prepared the books with great covers. I don’t even think the one you are holding at the second one is a fictional book! haha. And hell yes to breaking the lurking habit! :))

    You said it: “One day, one BEA, I’ll be there in the flesh.”!

    • Oh those are old photos, sometime around last year! I was reading Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Gray there. Haha, I don’t think I’ve met you guys when those pictures were taken! :D I need another photo shoot with books!

      Let me correct that thing: One day, one BEA, we’ll be there. Right, right?

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