Armchair BEA 2011: Interview with Neri of In the Name of Books

I totally missed the sign-ups for the round robin interviews for Armchair BEA, but the good thing is, there are also some bloggers who missed it. I was lucky enough to find an interview buddy, who is also my first blogger interview in One More Page! :)

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Neri from In the Name of Books! :)

In The Name of Books

Let’s start this off a bit Twitter style: describe yourself in 140 words or less.

Mom & wife who has an addiction to books, handbags, & shoes. Sometimes I’m way too talkative, loves traveling, music, & photography.

You mentioned in your introduction post that you only started reading again recently. What were you doing before then?

So I have always been a reader but I had kids young , got married, went back to school while working full time. I really didn’t have any extra time to read, so I kind of just stopped reading. My birthday is in February and every year my husband would buy me the new John Grisham book because for whatever reason the book was always released in February, he is still one of my favorite authors.

So last year I watched Twilight for the first time, and realized this was based on a book. I bought all four books in one shot and stayed up till the early hours of the morning reading.

I later spoke to my only friend that actually shares my interest in books and she introduced me to Netgalley, Goodreads, and Shelfari.  That’s when I found the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent and the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk.

I’m sure you encourage your girls to read, too? Do they have any favorite books?

My oldest daughter who is 9 loves the Erin Hunter-Warrior Series and she also likes The Missing Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. My little one who is 7 going on 17 loves the Junie B. Jones series just because she says “she’s smart, mischievious, and funny.”  I do try to encourage them to read and they love to go with me to the book store or library to check out new books.

You have an addiction to shoes and handbags! If you were to buy only ONE among a handbag, a pair of gorgeous shoes or a book you really want, what would you choose?

Ahh! That is a really hard question, can I make an exception? Lol. Okay so if I had to pick which I’m assuming I had the money to get a handbag (I’m sort of a Michael Kors fanatic) and I have to buy the matching wallet so I’m out a pretty penny for the purchase. I would say a book just because its cheaper :), also I love nothing more than the feeling you walk away with after you have read a really good book. It could almost make you float.

But, if you were willing to make an exception I would buy:

  • This handbag:
  • These shoes:
  • This book:

    Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

    Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Everyone has some reading quirks. Mine include dog-earing (I know, some people hate me for doing that), covering books with plastic first before actually reading them, and multitasking while reading. What are the quirky things you do while reading?

Hmm, good question. I never really paid attention.  Usually when I start reading I get comfy on the couch and don’t move at all. I will usually have a snack or drink with me so that I don’t have to get up and stop what I was reading. But other than that I don’t really have any quirks.

I do buy ebooks and if I really love it I’ll buy the hardcover to put on my bookshelf.  If I buy a book I haven’t read, I usually end up borrowing from the library in order to keep my copy brand new. Crazy I know. :)

Other than reading, what occupies your time?

My family is usually what occupies my time. I try to spend as much time with my daughters as possible during the weekend since the work week, I don’t get to spend much time with them. I work until 5 but drive time I get home at 6. They usually have to be in bed by 8 in order to wake up in the morning.

What’s your favorite dessert?

So I’m not a big dessert person. But, my favorite is Strawberry Cheesecake from NY and the Chocolate Hershey Pie from Hooter’s.

What’s your favorite book blogging moment so far?

I can’t really pinpoint just one moment. I have met so many great people who share the same interest with me and I love it. I have my own online family; everyone is so nice and friendly. I’ve made some great friends through my blog and twitter.

* * *

Armchair BEAThanks so much for being my buddy, Neri! :) That show she chose to buy looks so pretty – I’d want a pair myself! Hee. Make sure you drop by her blog and say hi! Lots of interviews going around the book blogging community today, too — do check them out at the Armchair BEA website.

Happy 3rd day of Armchair BEA everyone!

2 Thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2011: Interview with Neri of In the Name of Books

  1. Oooh, handbags, shoes and books! I’d probably go with the same answer Neri gave and choose books because they’re cheaper and you can buy a ton of books for the price of one designer handbag (or one pair of designer shoes). :)

    • Ah but shoes and bags can be so pretty! LOL. But true, books are cheaper and would keep you company longer. I do love indulging in nice shoes (and clothes). I’m not quite into the handbag thing yet…although lately I’ve been thinking about getting a Longcamp bag. Ah, to be a girl (and a reader). Haha.

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