Belated Birthdays

So the truth was, I didn’t get any book for my birthday. It always happens — I only get books when I specifically request them from people, otherwise…I don’t. I did get lots of shoes this year, and a surprise party, but I didn’t get a single book.

No, don’t worry, it’s okay. Books can wait. :P Clothes and shoes can’t. (I can’t believe I just wrote that)

But I guess posting my book wish list on my blogs paid off — because someone came along and saw it and gave me a belated birthday present. :)

This package came arrived for me today at work:

Look where it's from!

YAY! :)

YAY! :)

It came with a note, too:

Thanks, Ro!

Thanks, Ro!

Thanks again, Ro! I can’t wait to read them this Holy Week. :)

One Thought on “Belated Birthdays

  1. 12 Steps to Quitting AJ!hahahhaa!winner! :P

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