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I’m trying to make it a point to visit bookstores whenever I go on a trip outside the country, just because it’s fun. Plus for a bookish person like me, it’s always interesting to see various editions of books, especially the ones translated in the country’s local language. The first foreign bookstores I went to were during my trip to Europe. I was only able to check one bookstore in Jakarta (and I wasn’t able to blog about it, eep!). So I went to Singapore last week, and as I was planning my itinerary, I knew there was one place that I should go to: Books Kinokuniya.

I’ve read really great things about this place — and by great, it’s really more This is such a big bookstore and There are really so many books inside. On my third day at Singapore, I hopped on a train to Orchard to get to Takashimaya Mall and looked for this bookstore.

And…I was amazed.

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos outside and inside that aren’t sneaky photos (I haven’t had that tourist-y talent down pat yet). I was alone when I went there, and I was really too amazed at the selection of books more than I wanted to take photos. Here are some photos I took, though:


Rows and rows of shelves!

Two versions of The Lover's Dictionary

Two versions of The Lover’s Dictionary

David Mitchell

David Mitchell



Complete (and several) editions of Raymond Carver's books. I really wanted to buy one but I didn't know what to pick. :o

Complete (and several) editions of Raymond Carver’s books. I really wanted to buy one but I didn’t know what to pick. :o




I spent about an hour in the store, and I couldn’t decide what to get! When I first got in, I ended up carrying around about 4 books…then I realized that they were expensive, so I decided to get just one. What a hard thing to do! I went out, got some money exchanged, then went back in, and tried to decide…in the end, I decided to get this:

The History of Love

The History of Love

I figured this was kind of hard to find in Manila ((Funny thing, I just spotted a copy of this in the bookstore near the office…and it’s cheaper here. Oh well.)) and my friends all sang praises for this, so I got it. The carpet bookmark beside the book is for my friend.

I wished I had more time (and more money!) to spend in Kinokuniya, but I’m glad I was able to visit it. I think there was another one in Bugis Junction, but I wasn’t able to go in anymore. I wasn’t able to visit Books Actually, this other bookstore other friends talked about in their blogs, because I didn’t have time. Perhaps next time, when I visit Singapore again. :)

8 Thoughts on “Books Kinokuniya – Singapore

  1. The History of Love *sigh*.

  2. The History of Love *sigh*. ♥

  3. Kinokuniya is my 2nd favorite bookstore in the whole world! Of course, my #1 favorite is still Strand in NYC. Still, I can blow my vacation budget by visiting Kinokuniya, which usually happens. Hehehehehehe.

    • I can imagine how one can blow a budget in Kinokuniya! It’s just that I went to Ikea after so I had to stop myself from buying too much so I still have some left for Ikea shopping. :D And one day I’ll visit The Strand and spend a day there! :)

  4. Books Actually! I want to get one of the Penguin mugs that they have. Yes, next time it should be on the itinerary (and I hope I could visit Singapore, too).

    • I hope you can visit Singapore, too! When I go back, I’m going to really try to get lost and not act all tourist-y. That way, I can go to Books Actually, too. I hear it’s a little hidden somewhere. :D

      Oh, and then I realized: if that trip you and Mae brought up last F2F pushes through, we definitely have to make some stops at some bookstores there just for kicks. :D

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