BTT: Images, Images.

I’m sorry for not posting here for the past few days, been terribly busy with other things, like my 30 days challenge in my personal blog, and work and well…work. I’ve still been reading, though, but going through Shades of Grey really slowly.

Yeah, work.

So anyway, I have a couple of reviews lined up, but before that, let’s do a Booking Through Thursday! :)

How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

I’m starting to get into some graphic novels, although honestly, it has too much of a comic-book feeling that I don’t feel it’s a real book. But I don’t really mind illustrations in a book. I used to like seeing illustrations in Sweet Valley Kids (haha, I know), and I thought the illustrations in Jasper Fforde’s books are fun to look at. Another book that has funky illustrations is Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, with the rabbit and the astronaut and all. I can’t remember what exactly, because I lost my copy of that book.

So…it’s pretty so-so for me. It doesn’t really change my views on what I read, but I agree that it breaks the monotony of just seeing text. :)

3 Thoughts on “BTT: Images, Images.

  1. A good graphic novel will be a collaboration between text and illustration. I’ve included links to the graphic novels I’ve reviewed. You can see my post here.

  2. So far, I haven’t found any graphic novels that appeal to me, either. I’m hoping to find some good suggestions in today’s answers, though. And now you’ve got me interested in Blue Like Jazz, too – one I’ve never heard of, but now I’ll check it out.
    Here’s my answer.

  3. I have never read a graphic novel and I do not care for comics. I really prefer my books to be non-illustrated. My BTT:

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