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Today my family and I found ourselves at Bonifacio High Street to have lunch with my family. It’s my treat because I just got paid, but since we’re all following certain diets, we didn’t have to eat in an expensive place.

But that’s not the point. Going to Bonifacio High Street meant I could drop by the huge Fully Booked there and look for the books that I couldn’t find in Fully Booked in Eastwood. I swear, being in that branch of Fully Booked makes me giddy all over. I mean, five floors of books (including the basement) and other things? Heaven. Plus I’m sure to find the books I’ve been looking for there.

I was supposed to accompany my mom to the comfort room first before roaming around but I got distracted by the books at the Young Adult section on the second floor — and there I go. Sorry Mom.

Anyway, I went home with these two books:

Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl

Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl

Hello, young adult fantasy!

Ever since I saw the movie trailer of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief when I watched Avatar before Christmas, and after I’ve read Myk‘s review of the Percy Jackson series in his 2009 year-ender post about books, I was super curious about this book. Of course, as luck would have it, I could not find a copy of the first book anywhere near me. All I could see were copies of books 2-5, and book 5 is in hardcover, too. I was sort of glad that I finally found a copy of the first book in High Street. Sort of only, because I’m not too keen on movie covers. I want the old cover…but this would have to do for now. I could always find one next time…when I have extra budget. Or ask for a boxed set for my birthday.

Ooh, and I don’t know if there’s anything special about this, but there’s a free card inside the movie cover version of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I got Nico — whoever he is:


I don't know who you are Nico, but you'll be a bookmark for now.

I was planning to buy Books 1 and 2 of the series, but when I went down to the first floor, I saw a bunch of other YA books there and looked at them first. I found the Artemis Fowl series there, and while I have never read any of them, I know Paolo recommended it to me for my 2010 Fantasy Reading Goal. Of course, for every series, I just have to get the first book. Lo and behold, there was only one copy of the first book of the Artemis Fowl series there — I just had to pick it up. :)

I went home with not much damage on the wallet — any book that costs less than Php 300 for me is kind of cheap for me already, especially if I bought it in a bookstore. Plus I have a 5% discount for using my HSBC card, so it wasn’t that bad.

There was another book that I really wanted to buy earlier: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (thanks to Adele again for her review on this). The title is kind of morbid, don’t you think? But come on: it’s young adult fantasy…with zombies! Who wouldn’t want that? ;) Anyway, I wanted to buy it, but the paperback version is not available here yet — strange because it’s already out in the US. I could buy the hardcover one, but if I would, I’d rather buy it in Eastwood after two weeks, at 20% off too. But…let’s see. I can wait…it’s not like I’m going to read it immediately anyway.

That reminds me: Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl would still have to wait because of Persuasion. Not that I mind — I am loving Persuasion now, probably even more than when I read Pride and Prejudice! :)

10 Thoughts on “Hello Percy and Artemis

  1. OMG!!!! I WANT BOTH, TOO!!! omgomgomgomg I have to go and buy myself a copy of each! (Somehow, seeing a friend having a book a want makes me want—NEED—to buy the book even more. Ever experienced that before?)

    And, yes, I’m picky about covers, too. I’m tempted to tell you to sell that copy to me when you find a copy with the old cover, but that would mean I’ll have to wait for you to finish. Meh.


    • Sarah: I know how you feel. :P

      I might put this up for giveaway IF I find a copy. But that might take a while…so I suggest you get it nalang. :P It’s cheap for a book anyway — less than P300. Well, cheap in my opinion. :P

      And yes, Persuasion = Looooove. Just posted my review! :)

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  3. argh, they’re selling movie covers already?!?

    I want to get a copy of book 1, but I don’t want the movie cover…

    • Blooey: Yep, movie cover! :( Sad, I wanted the original one pa naman. I’m gonna put this up for book mooch or giveaway once I find that elusive first book with original cover. Hmmm.

  4. @blooey: Oh yes they are! I was surprised to see it in NBS a few days ago. They also have the Ultimate Guide now in stock! I’m worried for my wallet now.

    But I love this movie tie-in edition. It’s so cool with the lightning bolt and the sea and.. yeah. Anyway, I’m so happy to find another book blogger! I see you’ve linked me already. Will add you now too. ^_^

    Nico? You won’t see him until book 3 of this series.

    Artemis Fowl? I already have the first 3 books of that one and I have yet to read the 2nd book. :(

    • Patrick: Well, in fairness to this cover, it looks good. But I still want the original one because it would look nicer on the shelf once I get the other books in the series. :P

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  6. Good choice kid. Those are my two favorite books! I first loved AF but then started to read PJ and after that I have loved the books since. I’m more into book series than just one novel.

  7. Tinatinatinatina! I found an copy of the book with the old cover! (er…sort of)


    Heeeee~ I found it in the Market Market National Bookstore. Maybe you’ll find an old cover edition in other obscure National Bookstores, too :)

    (I’m still contemplating if I should get me a movie tie-in edition, because, like you said, that cover also looks good.)

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