Holiday Swap Package!

On my way home earlier, I was just thinking of what mail I should expect this week. My packages usually arrive at home from Wednesdays to Fridays (yes, my packages get delivered right at my doorstep — our postman is awesome), and when I remembered that, I felt a bit sad because I would have to wait a bit more before I can get anything — if I do get anything this week, that is.

And then when I got home, I saw this:

Holiday Swap 2011 - 1

I knew what it was immediately, so I put my bag down and started opening it right there, not even bothering to change or get some dinner first. I know there’s a book inside. I wonder what else? I sure hope there are no free cigars inside.

Inside was a wrapped package, a card, a snowman Pez dispenser, Pez candy and…”snow”!

Holiday Swap 2011 - 2

Because I wanted the suspense, I opened the card first. Here was the message:

Holiday Swap 2011 - 3

Hope your holidays are full of frosty fun!

I hope you enjoy the books I have chosen and the touch of snow I’ve sent. I figured you didn’t get a lot of it there!

Happy holidays!

My Santa is right — we hardly have snow here. Lots of rains lately, but snow — never.

And so I finally opened the wrapped package:

Holiday Swap 2011 - 4

Yay! I finally have a copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs! It’s one of those books on my wish list that I sorta kinda forgot was there. :) My Santa did her research well! Thanks so much to my Santa, Cassandra from Indie Reader Houston! Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful package. :) This just totally made my Monday, and I’m so glad it arrived just a day after Christmas. Nothing like opening another package to keep the Christmas spirit, yes? Happy Holidays!

4 Thoughts on “Holiday Swap Package!

  1. I am so happy that it arrived! I loved that book, so when I saw it on your list, I thought it was the perfect one to share. I hope you enjoy.

    Oh, and you have the best kind of snow. It stays pretty :)

  2. Yay, you got your Book Blogger Holiday Swap package! So thoughtful of your Santa to include snow in there.

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