House of Shelves

I found this photo in one of my favorite bookshelf tumblrs and I immediately salivated. WANT.

According to the source page:

This 52 square meter (560 square feet) private home in Japan was designed to artfully store the client’s massive collection of books. With pine shelves covering every wall surface, the open-plan home is a bibliophile’s dream!

Definitely a bibliophile’s dream! All those shelf space — even the steps have spaces for books! I would probably stare at the books all day and re-arrange them every now and then to change how it looks. And I bet I will have more reasons to acquire more books because of all this shelf space. I also love that there’s a little area that acts like a desk (or maybe a dining table) down at the bottom. I would have to live in this house — or at least have a room in my dream house built the same way!

I bet it would be kind of hard to dust this kind of house, though. Imagine all the shelves you need to wipe off every now and then.

6 Thoughts on “House of Shelves

  1. I want a room like this too!

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  3. Ditto! That house is heaven! :)

  4. AHHHHHHH! A constant supply of coffee and cake and it’s heaven already…

  5. Monique on February 21, 2011 at 3:27 pm said:

    *eyes goggling*

    I’m gonna have that in my house. Boy, oh boy.

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