In My Mailbox (16): Free and Awesome Stuff


I got a bunch of books a few weeks ago, but I was too lazy to make an IMM post. I was at home, but I was just plain lazy — sorry about that. :) I got some pretty awesome stuff the past weeks, some of them free, so I figure it’s time to write one. But better late than never, right? :)



  1. Deadline by Mira Grant (Fully Booked) – I also got the Kindle copy of this one first, but I can’t pass the print one up of course. Like my print copy of Feed, this is mainly for borrowing. :D
  2. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan (Book Depository) – I ordered this about three weeks ago as a reward for finishing an article. It took a while to get here, and I dropped everything else to read this when I received it. Talk about excited. :) I have a line of people waiting to borrow this already.
  3. Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews (Fully Booked) – I got this at the same time as Deadline but I only got to read it during the rainy weekend. So much Kate + Curran goodness! :)


  • Audiobook of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (won from Helen’s Book Blog) – this is my first audio book ever, which I won during the Twitter party during Armchair BEA. Thankyou so much, Helen! :)

For review:

Last Friday, Blooey invited some local book bloggers for a dinner with some people from Scholastic. It was such a fun night eating and talking about books and blogs and travel and everything else in between. :) It was also the first time I had dinner with publishers and received books for review too! Yay free books (almost as exciting as cool grad gifts). :D

Scholastic Books

  1. Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater – now I’m not a paranormal romance person anymore and truth be told, I have no plans of reading these books. But Chachic and Tarie told me it’s good, so I’m hoping I will like it well enough too. :)
  2. The Cry of the Icemark, Blade of Fire and Last Battle of the Icemark by Stuart Hill – I have no idea what this is about, except that Blooey blogged about it recently. I’m glad they gave us the entire set, though, because at least I won’t have to scramble for the copies. :)

The fun thing is, not all book packages were the same. While I think all of us got all the Icemark books, everyone else got different stuff, depending on what we’ve read. Case in point: Chachic and Tarie got Linger because they’ve already read Shiver, while Aaron didn’t get any of Stiefvater’s books because they’re not his type. Thanks again to Blooey for inviting us and to Joyce and Roselle from Scholastic for the dinner and the books. :)

Photo c/o Tarie

And that’s all for the past weeks’ haul. I have another book buying fast happening now to prepare myself for my big trip this August, so no additions to my TBR unless they’re gifts. Not to worry, anyway since I still have a very big reading mountain to conquer. :D I’ll be back tomorrow for my mid-year recap, so for the meantime, do share in the comment section what you got this week. :)

10 Thoughts on “In My Mailbox (16): Free and Awesome Stuff

  1. wow. deadline looks chunkier than i imagined it to be O.o i still really want to get on board with that series.

    that blogger dinner sounds fantastic. i would love to go to something like that :)

    • Feed is also quite thick, but it’s far from boring. :D I hope you get to read the series soon (although waiting would also still be nice, since Blackout won’t be out until next year :D).

      It was my first publisher sponsored blogger dinner — really cool, especially since Scholastic is probably the only publisher that does that around here. :)

  2. The Icemark books look really good!

    I just finished Shiver the other day. And while it was good, it’s not exactly best book ever to me.

    Sounds like your Scholastic dinner was awesome! :-D

    • They say the Icemark books is like a combination of LOTR and The Golden Compass. Can’t wait to get started on them.

      On Shiver: I’m not expecting much, really. :) Then again, that’s my non-PNR self saying that. It takes a lot for a PNR YA book to surprise me now. ^^

  3. I’ve read Shiver last year, and um, well. I will just have to agree with April above. ^

  4. I was telling Tarie that I’d probably have a different reaction to Shiver if I read it now because I discovered it back when I still wasn’t fed up with paranormal YA. You probably wouldn’t love the books but I hope you still enjoy reading them.

    As always, it was great spending time with book bloggers! Yay for free food, free books and recognition for local bloggers. :) I loved that they gave us different books to suit our reading personalities.

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