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Hi. My wallet is currently mad at me right now. I had to hide it away because it’s about to scream obscenities at me for…well, spending so much. I can feel it grumbling at me at the middle of the week, but as of today, it’s positively seething.

But, but, I have a very good justification why I spent so much this week. One thing is the Cebu vacation…and another…well, are books. :P It didn’t spend as much as if I buy a Branson Missouri vacation, anyway. That is a perfectly justifiable expense even if I know I have about what, 70 books that I have yet to read.

Yeah, yeah, like that means something.

So yeah, I’m doing an In My Mailbox post this week because I find that I have a pretty huge stash of books this week! Well, including Friday last week, since I kind of count that purchase as part of the weekend purchase, and it feels like I just bought it this week. In My Mailbox is a weekly book meme hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren, where bloggers post about what books received that week, be it via  mailbox, library or store.

And here we go. *throws wallet under the bag and ignores it angry screams*

Losing Faith by Denise Jaden (Fully Booked). I’ve mentioned that I am starting to avoid paranormal romance and even some contemporary YA, but I had to make an exception for this one. For one thing, I heard that this book was written during NaNoWriMo, and finished within 21 days! Amazing, right? I also heard good reviews from this book, and the sample kind of reminds me of Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr.

Z by Michael Thomas Ford, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (Fully Booked Cebu). Bought these three books on my trip to Cebu, as I blogged here. I bought Z because I remember wanting it when I first heard about it, plus it’s a zombie book! :) I bought Speak in support of Speak Loudly. Finally, I bought The King of Attolia because I have the first two books (The Thief and The Queen of Attolia) and they say the series gets better as you read the first three books. And who wants to read a series when you don’t have the next book, right? :P

Zombies vs. Unicorns Anthology edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier (Fully Booked). So I was at the gym last Wednesday, and I was reading tweets and I saw a tweet about this anthology. Then I realized that it’s out! I was thinking of getting the ebook, but of course I had to pass by Fully Booked after I worked out, and I just had to see a lone copy on the shelf. Dilemma! I ended up getting it anyway. I mean, zombies and unicorns? How can you not want it???

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. This book has been in my wish list since Pao suggested it to me in my Fantasy in 2010 post. I never get to buy it because it’s a bit expensive, plus I know I will have it at some point, and it’s always available. And then National Bookstore just had to drop the price of this book from Php 435 (a little less than $10) to Php 199 (less than $5)…well, how could I resist, right? It’s practically a steal. ;)

Earlier today was the Filipino Book Bloggers’ First Meet up and you know what happens whenever there is a meet up of bookworms? Yes, everyone gets books at some point. It’s like, a requirement or something. Not that I mind, of course.

The Enemy by Charlie Higson, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, and a CD of ebooks. Aaron lent me his copy of The Enemy for the YA-D2 challenge (and because it has zombies) and godfather Ace gave me his extra copy of The Maze Runner since he got the hardbound one. Pao gave me a CD of goodies with local works and some comics, I think? I have to look at it. But thanks friends! :)

I really wasn’t planning to get anything else today, except if I happened to find a copy of Grace by Elizabeth Scott in Shang. However, after the meet-up, we decided to bookstore hopping in the mall. I was browsing around in Powerbooks when Chachic suddenly walked to us and showed us the copy of the first book in the Kate Daniels series, Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. I was curious about the series, of course, but not really enough to get it. However, I was caught between Chachic and Michelle…and let me just say that they are very, very effective book pushers.

Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews.

I’m sorry. I’m weak. I couldn’t resist, especially since all four books are in the store, and my credit card cut-off just passed. *bows head in defeat*

But it is not over. Oh, it is not over. So we went to Fully Booked in Shang last, and as we were browsing around, Chachic saw a copy of one of the books we were tweeting about a few days ago, and well…

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (Fully Booked). It was only Php 252, plus I had a 10% discount, so it was what, Php 230? That’s about $5, and it’s already pretty cheap for a brand new book. And again, Chachic loved this book, and I got curious about it, so…yeah. Hello, Howl. (Don’t worry, Honey, he’s still yours ;) ).

And here we go. It’s a crazy book week. I remember christening the months of August and September as Book Season, and I thought I escaped it this year since I didn’t go to the Manila International Book Fair, but alas! I still had it. I mean, September still had it. And there are two more books in line that I really have to buy (seriously, I HAVE TO. See the urgency?)…ah, my wallet will really hate me after that. *sigh*

In an effort to make peace with it, here’s a question: Can I actually try to not buy anything on October?

Let’s see. :)

26 Thoughts on “In My Mailbox (6)

  1. Zombies vs Unicorns sounds very interesting. But is it another spoof, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

    I’m very excited to read what you think about the Magic Series by Ilona Andrews. No other urban fantasy so far has even come close to how I love this series.

    After you read Howl’s Moving Castle try DWJ’s other books. My other favorites are A Tale of Time City and Fire and Hemlock. But you know, you really should frequent Booksale more. The same edition of HMC sells there at P75.

    Nice to have seen you again. The Filipino Book Bloggers Meet was awesome.

    • Zombies vs. Unicorns – an anthology of stories about unicorns and zombies. :) I’ve read a few of the anthology contributors’ novels and I liked them, so this one should be a fun read. Plus, the book had me at zombies, haha.

      I just started to read Magic Bites and I am liking it! I remembered that I used to look for urban fantasy before I started to get into YA, but never found ones that I thought would be interesting. I’m liking Kate and the story so far (but I’m only in Chapter 2), and I look forward to getting to the rest of the series. :D

      See you again soon, Mich! :)

  2. Hi Tina! Glad to see I’m not alone. Made a promise to myself not to buy any more books after NBS cutprice sale but look what happened… got 8 more books at the MIBF + 1 at Booksale Cubao.

    Regarding your question… I hope Rick Riordan’s (of Percy Jackson fame) new series gets bad reviews so I won’t have to get anything for October. And I’ll make a vow not to go to the bookstore more than 3 times next month. You should do the same. (Good luck to us!)

    • Hi Patrick! My fasting last Lent was bookstores, so I had about a month and a half of zero bookstore visits, and less books bought, too. This is one time I kind of wish it’s Lent again so I can do that. Haha. :P It’s especially hard when there’s an easily accessible bookstore near where I am. :P

      Re: Rick Riordan: is this the Percy Jackson spin-off? I haven’t even read book 2 of Percy Jackson yet! I didn’t really like The Red Pyramid, so I’m not sure if I want to get any more Riordan…except maybe finish the rest of Percy Jackson. Which reminds me, I still can’t find a paperback copy of the 5th book.

      Yes, good luck to us! :)

      • Yeah, the new Riordan book would be another Camp Half-Blood story. If it turns out good, I’m gonna have to read it just so I know what happens to Percy’s gang.
        Book 5? I don’t think there’s already a paperback version of that. Is there?
        And I live practically within walking distance of SM North and Trinoma. And that means what… 7 bookstores in close proximity! Tough, I know. :P

  3. Wow, so many books Tina! I was surprised when you guys mentioned that all of the Kate Daniels books were available in Powerbooks. It took me a long time to get all four books.:D

    I want the Zombies vs Unicorns Anthology too!

    Yehey that you got Howl’s Moving Castle!:D I hope you’ll like it!

    • Hi Celina! I know! I went crazy this week, I think. This is the most I’ve gotten in 10 day’s time (and I actually bought another one today. hihihi).

      Aaron wanted to get Howl, but I wouldn’t let go of it. Haha. Now to find time to read all of these. :D

  4. Yay me, I’m such an effective book pusher! :) You’re going to love the books that you picked out, I promise. Can’t wait to hear what you think of MWT’s books, the Kate Daniels books and of course, Howl’s Moving Castle. Next month, I’ll spare you my book pushing skillz and work on others. I know Aaron is interested in the books by both MWT and Ilona Andrews so I have another victim. *rubs hand gleefully*

    • Yes you are! I just started Magic Bites now, and I remembered that when I was just starting to read fantasy, urban fantasy was my first choice. I just didn’t know what are the good ones. It’s too early to tell, but I’m liking the magic and Kate already. :)

      Aaron wanted to get Howl’s Moving Castle from me yesterday but I wouldn’t let go. Hehehe. I think he’ll be swayed easily. :D

    • Yeah, you can make a career out of it. :P

      I’m really going to get that MWT and Howl’s Moving Castle book. I’m going to try my luck at Booksale since Michelle stated that there is HMC book there sold for a cheap price. I just wish that I would have enough patience.

  5. Loosing Faith sounds interesting, I know what you mean about trying to avoid paranormal romanace, but it seems however hard I try I find another one and sucked right back in – and written in 21 days – wow!

    Happy Reading :D

    • Hi Jesse! Losing Faith does seem a bit paranormal, but I hear it’s more contemporary. It’s part of The Contemps books. And yes, 21 days — amazing, isn’t it? The wonder of NaNoWriMo. :)

  6. Hey, I was excited to see you bought the Kate Daniels series. They’re one of my faves in my book collection and just you wait for the yumminess of Curran. Have fun with youe books :)

    Come See What’s In My Mailbox

    • I just got to the part where Kate met Curran. Interesting, can’t wait to get off from work and continue to read. :)

      • Kate meets Curran! Squeee! …

        Eherm. *cough, cough* Good, the plot quickly moves at breakneck speed from there. The action is fantastic and the romantic tension is Squ– … treated very well.

        World building is also excellent, gives out vivid flashes of a nightmare world yet so fascinating. And Curran likes Kate, Squee!

        I mean, obviously the two main characters are love interests. Interesting because they are politically incompatible. And Kate also likes Curran, Squeee!

        I mean, please do finish the series quickly so we can Squeee together. Am I even spelling Squeee right?

  7. Looks like you got some great books. I’ve also been trying not to buy so many books but somehow I always end up in a bookstore or at a library sale. I’m a new follower. Check out my mailbox.

  8. The angry wallet is like, a year-round condition for me.

    I liked the Howl’s Moving Castle film more, but the book did help me understand the film better.

    I loved The Graveyard Book — not much of a Gaiman fan but I loved that one.

    I really feel bad I missed the bloggers’ meetup, hopefully I get to attend the next one.

  9. I really enjoyed Losing Faith – I hope you enjoy it as well! You got a good haul this week! I hope you enjoy them :) I’m a new follower.

    Here’s what I got in my mailbox this week :)

  10. Hi! I just found your blog through IMM, and I just had to stop and leave a comment telling you how wonderful your blog is. I love your content and this post is amazing! You’re definitely in for some good reads this week.
    Oh, and I’m a follower for sure!
    Feel free to come by my blog if you want to see what I got this week.
    Best wishes,
    ●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬●

    • Hi Tina! I love your name ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting and for your comment. :D You have a pretty lovely blog there, too! :)

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