Kindle, Kindle Little…

Living in a faraway country in Asia can be a big pain in acquiring the books I want to get. More often than not, most of the books I want (especially fiction written by Christian authors) are just not available here. To fix this, I get by with the following:

  1. Wait. Sometimes the books do come, it just really takes time. Sometimes a lot of time, sometimes just a short amount of time. I’m really glad for Fully Booked and Powerbooks stocking more and more books, so I get a lot of what I want there. Patience is a virtue, a lot of times.
  2. Ask my dad to get it. My dad works in a US territory, which means Amazon, which means more books! Order! Order! The last stash of books are mostly from Amazon, and that’s where I get most of my Christian books stash. :)
  3. Ebooks. I was introduced to ebooks late last year and most of the books I finished reading last year were because of that. True, ebooks don’t have the page turning feel, and some of them were made through document scanning, but they’re cheaper, and easier to store in my iPod. So if I can’t find the books I want here, or if it’s too expensive to order from Amazon, I go for ebooks. If I really, really, really want the book, I find a way to get it in print after. :)

So yesterday, I got an email from Mina V. Esguerra, author of My Imaginary Ex, about her new book, Fairy Tale Fail. She told me it was available in ebook format, much thanks to Kindle. Since she’s a local author and I support them, I got myself a Kindle app for iPhone (free) and logged on to Amazon to buy her book.

I’ll post a review of her book soon enough (it’s so cute, I promise), but here’s the thing I realized after last night: I just bought my first Kindle ebook.

And this means I have access to more Kindle books.

This means…

I can buy more Amazon books online. And it would get delivered to my iPod.

Oh dear. :| I’m going to need extra control over this one, that’s for sure.

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