Newsflesh: Feed and Deadline Trailer

It’s no secret that I love zombies and I am a big fan of Mira Grant‘s zombie novels. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know how many times I’ve raved about Feed, the first book of the Newsflesh trilogy, and how much I am waiting for Deadline, the next book. I love my zombies, and I think Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) does it best.

I’m about 2/3 done with Deadline (I would have finished earlier but I decided to reread Feed to refresh myself), and I honestly don’t want the book to end yet. I’m at that point where I know anything can happen, and I can’t help but hold my breath and wait for everything to just explode in my face. So far this book has broken my heart twice, and I bet there’s more coming. But I will reserve that for a proper review after I’m done and finished processing the book.

On the upside, someone made a really cool trailer for Feed and Deadline:


It’s not exactly how I thought Shaun’s voice sounded like, but the tone is definitely his. Very far from what a Defective Product Attorney would sound like, I think. No spoilers on the trailer, but I think it’s enough to make people curious about the series. And look, the cover of Blackout, the third book, is shown at the end!

I love this series. And I’m kind of sad that I’m almost at the end of the book because it’s going to take another whole year before the next one comes out. Ah, the wait! :o

So if you haven’t read this series, I urge you: read it. It’s not just a zombie novel, I promise. Rise up while you can.

2 Thoughts on “Newsflesh: Feed and Deadline Trailer

  1. I’m scared the heck out of zombies. As in seriously, really scared of them, and I don’t like the idea that they just.won’t.die.

    Would you still recommend the series to me? :D

    • Hm, I think you may not like Deadline because of that, but you may still like Feed. It’s a zombie novel that doesn’t have too many zombie encounters, but it still works. :) Feed is more of a political thriller with scifi elements, while Deadline is a medical thriller. Being medical, it’s supposed to have more zombie scenes. :D

      Oh, and they do die. You just have to shoot them in the head.

      LOL. I can lend you my copy when I get it back. :)

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