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So just last week, I realized that I have some 10% discount voucher from Book Depository for their summer sale. I felt bad for not using it, so even if I know there isn’t really anything I want to read now now now, I figure I could use it for pre-orders.

I'm starting to like seeing these buttons. :)

You know I never really thought I’d be pre-ordering any book when I started buying books with my own money. I’ve always seen things like, “Pre-order this from Amazon” and all that, but since shipping is so expensive here, I can never do the pre-order thing. The shipping alone would be more expensive than the book and it’s just not worth it. When Book Depository started shipping here for free, I still didn’t pre-order, thinking I can still wait for local bookstores to get it when it’s out.

Then I remember buying A Monster Calls from Book Depository last April as a prize for one of my birthday giveaway winners. I remember being impressed at the price of the book – less than $10 for a hardbound illustrated book. What a value, right? I decided to order it too, and was I glad I did. Now it’s a whopping $18 in Book Depository.

So now I’m all for pre-ordering books. But only for books that I really, really want. Case in point, my order last week:

Pre-order ahoy!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins / A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner / How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr - YAY~

All books were 25% off + the 10% off from the voucher. And they’re all books that I want to read. I know it would take a while before I get them, but I’m not in a rush, anyway. I like the idea that I “have” them now, and can read it as soon as its shipped.

I do have some comments on pre-ordering, though:

  • I’m not sure about pre-ordering print books in Amazon, but I think the customer isn’t charged until the book is shipped, right? That’s one thing that makes me raise an eyebrow at Book Depository — you get charged immediately for the pre-order. I’m sure you can request a refund to cancel your order, but I think you still have to email? I don’t know, maybe it’s easier if the customer won’t have to go through that channel to cancel a pre-order.
  • And speaking of Amazon, I pre-ordered some Kindle ebooks a few months ago because there were some books that I can’t wait to have in print. However, pre-ordering Kindle ebooks doesn’t really have much perk as far as discounts are concerned because there are hardly any discounts. The only perk is…well…you get it quick.

So, have you tried pre-ordering? Do you pre-order as much as you can to get more discounts? Have you had pre-order horror stories? What’s the last book you pre-ordered, and why? Any other perks you got from pre-orders other than discounts? I want to know.

Oh and P.S. — I will pre-order John Green’s newest book soon, of course. I wouldn’t want to miss a signed book. :)

6 Thoughts on “On Pre-ordering

  1. i also used TBD 10% summer discount, to pre-order Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles last month :) i love that you still get the 10% discount even if the book is already 25% off.

  2. click link:


    then ‘Get Shopping’ and enter the code PP0811 when you are on the Basket/Checkout page. valid until 31st of August 2011.

  3. I pre-ordered Lola & A Conspiracy of Kings too =) I try to limit pre-ordering books for titles that I know would be hard to get a copy from local bookstores. I don’t really have much patience to wait for the release date and delivery time. And sometimes I end up getting two copies of my pre-ordered books because when I saw a copy from local bookstores I still buy it just because I can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy. And my friends love that coz they’ll get the other copy :D

  4. The last book I pre-ordered was also Lola and the Boy Next Door from Book Depository. I love pre-ordering from there because it usually turns out cheaper and sometimes I receive the book before it becomes locally available.

    One bad experience I had was when I pre-ordered a certain book from B&N, and then on the release date, the price dropped by more than $2.:( From then on, I only pre-ordered books that I really really wanted.:)

  5. I have never pre-ordered a book in my entire life! True story! Now, I’ve definitely gone out and purchased a book on publication date (or if it gets put out early), sure. Now that I’m on book buying ban I’ve regretted pre-ordering John Green’s book. However, it comes out the day after my birthday, and I’m hoping putting it on my wish list for Christmas/birthday will mean someone else pre-ordering it. =)

  6. you will not regret preordering how to save a life. it is brilliant and her very best book yet :)

    i like to wait 12 months after the hardback release and preorder the paperback. very cost effective, IMO. preordering has def meant i end up buying more books though :0 (good and bad i guess)

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