One of those truths in life

People who see me in my glasses often assume I got them because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. But I beg to disagree. Here’s the truth:

I wrecked these eyes reading

Okay, but most of the reading I did when I was young is not the same kind I do today. When I was younger, having eyeglasses were the cool thing and I thought it looked nice on me, but my parents don’t want to get me those fashion glasses. I figured the only way I can get glasses is to make me need it. We used to have a lot of power outages when I was a kid, so I would read some of my school books by candle light, or read while I was lying down. Come 5th grade, I had my eyes checked and I finally got my glasses.

Now I’m sort of regretting wrecking my eyes. :P I think the amount I spent on glasses, contact lenses and lens solutions is more than the cost of waterproof cameras. I’m not regretting the reading, though.

So. Who else have wrecked their eyes reading here? Say aye!

13 Thoughts on “One of those truths in life

  1. Sadly, I did wreck my eyes with the help of computers. Though I did read before while lying down in bed. Is that really bad? My mother used to scold me for doing that.

    • You know, I’m not really sure. My mom used to scold me for that, too. I guess it’s the lack of proper lighting when you read on your back?

  2. One big AYE! :D I used to read Nancy Drew novels from sun-up to sundown (no kidding) especially when Nanay’s not to around to remind me to eat my lunch. And I agree with the insufficient light. I had to wear eyeglasses since 6th grade and my first ever pair of eyeglasses is big, round, and pink. :D

    • Hee, my mom would stop me from reading because I still had to study. I remember inserting a book between my text book so I look like studying but then I got caught. Ooops!

      My first pair of eyeglasses were the boring normal round gold/brown ones. My favorite pair are the ones I have now, but that’s just me being vain. I wear my contacts more often. :)

  3. Oh man, having glasses when I was young was definitely *not* cool! I got mine in the 5th grade too. Not sure if it was because I read a lot (which I did), but my first pair of glasses were an abomination. Speckled with pink and purple, I have no idea *what* I was thinking!

    • LOL, imagine if you also had to get braces at that time! I got braces when I was a senior in high school, but by then my parents allowed me to get contact lenses already.:)

  4. Aye! I got my glasses in the fifth grade too, and my propensity to read in the car/bus service had a lot to do with it haha. I started with 125-150 but now I’m at an even 450.

    • I started with 250, and now I’m 375 – 425. I’ve been tempted to try Lasik for a while but my budget tells me no. :D

  5. I’m worried for the day that I wreck my eyes from staring at the computer far too long. I have sort of super power vision at this point in my life (except at night – I’m no cat), and I think losing that vision will be mentally tough. And while they weren’t cool when I was a kid, I am a little jealous of folks with glasses now – I don’t want to lose my super power, but glasses do look cool.

    • Oh, I can’t even imagine being blind. Of course, there are audiobooks and all that now so blind people can still read…but living with vision and then losing it would be really hard for me. :D

      Maybe you can get those fashion glasses? The ones without prescription. I have some friends who have that because they look smarter with glasses on. :D

  6. Eye doctors say you don’t really wreck your eyes when you read or sit in front of the computer too long. You’ll strain your eyes, but not enough to do serious damage. Usually, if we have lens abnormalities, it’s genetic. And apparently our eye “grade” changes slightly as we age. Glasses don’t really “cure” the condition, it just corrects our vision to make us more comfortable.

    I listen to this health-related radio talk show every day on the way home, and this is one of the things I picked up. :D

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