Required Reading 2013: March

February was a fabulous month, if I do say so myself. Many things happened in February, but three major bookish things happened to me:

  1. My book/short story discussion happened last weekend (and I wrote about it here)
  2. My new Kindle Paperwhite that finally arrived:

    Hannah the Kindle Paperwhite ♥

    Hannah the Kindle Paperwhite ♥

  3. I finally finished Les Misérables! (On Valentine’s Day!)

So February was a very good bookish month, all things considered. A recap of my February Required Reading books:

  • Every Day by David Levithan (4/5) – Levithan does it again. There were several memorable quotes here, and it was the right book to start February with. I still like The Lover’s Dictionary just a bit more, but Every Day is pretty good.
  • Boundless by Cynthia Hand (4/5) – The finale to my favorite angel series. I lost sleep over this! Still gathering my thoughts for my review – wait for it!
  • Fourteen Love Stories edited by Jose Dalisay Jr. and Angelo R. Lacuesta (3/5) – It was okay, and there were some stories I really liked, but there were others that I was kind of ambivalent about. I guess I was expecting it to give me more feels?

I wasn’t able to crack open For Darkness Shows the Stars at all, and I’m still in the middle of Ghostwritten, but I won’t include them in the next month’s list anymore. I did read several romance books in the last month to keep up with the theme — needless to say, I had a very “romantic” month because of all that.

On to my favorite month!

Required Reading: March

March, March, my favorite month! I won’t go crazy with the book choices this month because I have a feeling March will be quite busy, so I will only choose 3 books for my Required Reading list this month:

Required Reading: March 2013

Required Reading: March 2013

  • Iscariot by Tosca Lee – Holy Week falls at the last week of March, and this seemed like a very fitting Holy Week read. :) I cannot wait to drown in Tosca’s words again!
  • The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen – I realized that the first 3 SAA books were gifted to me, and this one is no different — this was a birthday gift from Chachic last year. I figure my birth month (which is also her birth month!) is the best time to read this book. :)
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – Our book club’s book of the month. I tried reading this in 2011, but got lazy, and now I know why I pushed reading it to a later date. I’ve already started, and I am quite enchanted with Zusak’s words.

I haven’t decided on my birthday read just yet, but I won’t put it on my list because I want it to…feel right, if I may be so cliche. :D

If you’re joining Required Reading this month, make sure to leave the link in the comments section! Have a wonderful March, everyone! :)

Check out my friends’ reading lists for March, too!

11 Thoughts on “Required Reading 2013: March

  1. Yay for Hannah the Kindle! :) And oh, I just love The Book Thief. Too bad, I can’t join in the read-along as my copy has not been returned yet. Boohoo! :((

    Here’s my list:

    • Awww, you should have multiple copies of The Book Thief then! Haha, I have multiple copies of Jellicoe Road (and some of my other favorite books for that matter :D).

      I miss you, Lynai! It feels like I haven’t talked to you in ages…but maybe it’s because I’m not on Twitter. ^^

  2. Hannah, Ilium says hi! *waves*

    I saw a HB copy of Iscariot in Powerbooks last month, and I thought of you, Tina. Good that you have a copy already :) I’m curious about your birthday read, so update us soon!

    • Powerbooks has Iscariot?! EEEP. Must get print version, too! Mine is from Netgalley. Eee thanks for the heads up, Maria!

      I actually have an idea for my birthday read, but it’s non-fiction and I haven’t bought it yet. I have the audiobook but I can’t read it without focusing so I figure buying the book/ebook should be a worth it investment. :D

  3. The Book Thief is lovely, though a little bit hard to get into. As for Peach Keeper, I liked Garden Spells more. But those two are my only SAA so far. Must find others. :)

    Here’s my required reads for this month. I’m doing a superhero theme. Hihi.

    • The Peach Keeper is my last SAA book on my TBR. :) I liked Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen a lot, and The Girl Who Chased the Moon just a little less, but it’s still lovely.

  4. Congratulations on the new Kindle! :)
    Here’s my reading challenge for the month.

  5. Oooops, was hasty with post button, hehehehe.

    Reading Challenge for March

    • Yay Hannah says thanks. HAHA. I’ve been inseparable with it since I got it. It helps that it’s smaller than my old one. :)

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