Required Reading: April

Look, the first quarter of 2012 is over. I cannot believe it. (And goodbye, favorite month! Till next year!)

March was all sorts of busy and fun, mostly because of work and the birthday. But this busy status and all the days/nights out was taxing to my reading and I was still oh-so-slow. I am currently behind my reading challenge by 4-5 books, and a part of me is crazily scrambling to catch up. But I can’t seem to.

Even so, the bigger part of me didn’t really mind the slowness because I think I was able to read a lot of good books in the past month. It was more of quality over quantity and it’s a nice way to spend my favorite month knowing you read good books. :D So, a recap:

There were some fun reads and some great reads in the past month too, and like I said, it was quite a nice reading month, even if I was so slow.

Now what’s in store for April?

Required Reading: April

I’m going to take April a bit lightly because work is still a bit busy, and I am back on night shift, so I can’t predict how much reading I’ll be able to do. Also, given that I’m moderating this month’s discussion for our book club, I want to concentrate a little bit more energies to that so I can be a credible (haha) moderator. Also, because Holy Week is happening on the first week of the month, I want to focus a bit on reading things related to that (and less online and TV – on tv rack – time), just like how I did last year. So for this month, I’ll just go for two books and just one place:

Welcome back to Narnia. :)

  • The Chronicles of Narnia # 1: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis
  • The Chronicles of Narnia # 7: The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

I’ve been reading The Chronicles of Narnia one by one in the last year and I’m reading it in order of publication, that’s why my last two books to read are the first and the last. My friend who’s a big Lewis fan said that the best time to read these two books are during Lent/Holy Week (just like how the first book is fit for Christmas), so I’m looking forward to reading these at the said time. Good thing I have a long weekend coming up. :)

I also have some additional books on the list to read this month, and they’re really currently reading books that I intend to finish this month. Especially because one of them should have been finished since last year. :P

  • I loved this cover of Jane Eyre so much that I got it for myself, even if I have an ebook copy. ^^;

    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë – my book club’s book of the month that I am moderating. Really liking this so far. Jane, you go girl! :P

  • Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa, edited by Brian Kolodiejchuk – I started reading this last year and got about a third through…then I stopped. I feel sad for stopping and guilty for taking it real slow, but it’s become a bit of a difficult read that I can’t exactly speed through it. I’m going to try to finish the rest this month. I will try, I promise.

I’ll probably squeeze in a few galleys and such for the next days, but I’ll try to keep it within the theme. So maybe I’ll finally start reading the brand new Frank Peretti book. Squee. :D

If you’re joining Required Reading this month, just leave a comment with your books/post below! :)

4 Thoughts on “Required Reading: April

  1. Wow, I like your edition of Jane Eyre! But I am happy and satisfied with my movie tie-in (because of Michael Fassbender, hahaha).

  2. Three squees!

    One, Ender’s Game! I finally got a copy last week and I hope to read it soonest!
    Two, Narnia! YAAAY!!! <3
    Three, Frank Peretti! I'm currently reading The Oath and so far I'm loving it. :)

    Hope to get my own post up over the holidays. I am sooo busy!

  3. Finished doing the post tonight anyway, haha!
    Here’s my April list:

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