Slow Reading

Hello world, missed me?

It’s pretty quiet here because for the first time since January, I haven’t finished reading anything this week. Of course, it was my birthday week too, which made me twice as busy as I normally am with all the parties and celebrations and such. I’m currently reading two books — an actual book and an ebook, but I’m still quite slow with it.

Normally, I’m a fast reader. I finish books like I eat them — a book that a friend normally reads a week, I can read it in two to three days. Sometimes I read books faster than I actually understand term life insurance rates. I do get to finish the story quickly, but sometimes I tend to miss out on some details and words in the book (no wonder my vocabulary sucks sometimes).

But there were and are certain books that I read slowly, for different reasons. I could be busy, it could be a classic book, or I could be trying to savor reading the book. I read Fire slowly, because I wanted to savor it. I read Persuasion slowly because it was kind of hard getting into the language. Right now I’m reading Shades of Grey slowly, because I feel like if I don’t, I’ll miss a lot of the little details in the book that makes it unique.

So…forgive me for the lack of entries here. I don’t have book stash posts too, for a whole different reason, which I think I should have blogged about here earlier. Maybe tomorrow.

I should get back to reading now.

Oh, and do you have a question? Ask me anything here!

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