Want Books: Trash by Andy Mulligan

Want Books? is a weekly meme hosted at Chachic’s Book Nook and features released books that you want but you can’t have for some reason. It can be because it’s not available in your country, in your library or you don’t have the money for it right now.

My extended weekend last week gave me a reason to surf more blogs and check out reviews, and I’m kind of surprised to see a lot of this particular book. I had this on my wishlist recently, but I didn’t feel the need to get it until I saw these reviews from Kris of Voracious YAppetite and Dwayne of Girls Without a Bookshelf.

Trash by Andy Mulligan

Raphael is a dumpsite boy. He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming trash, sifting it, sorting it, breathing it, sleeping next to it. Then one unlucky-lucky day, Raphael’s world turns upside down. A small leather bag falls into his hands. It’s a bag of clues. It’s a bag of hope. It’s a bag that will change everything.

The setting sounds suspiciously local, and it was confirmed when I found out that Andy Mulligan spent some time in Manila (and continues to spend some time here). Books like these suddenly become a must-buy for me because I want to know how accurate the portrayal is. Trash doesn’t exactly say it is set in the Phlippines, but the reviewers I linked above say the book reminds it of the dump sites here, particularly in Smokey Mountain.

I hear it’s already available in National Bookstore (the book launch was just last week, I think). I would get it…but honestly? I like the UK cover (pictured above) more. :P I’m trying to decide my immediate need to read this so I’ll get what’s available here (pictured on the right), or wait for some UK covers to arrive here or look for someone to get me the UK cover. Hm.

What do you think? Which cover is prettier? :)