Shelf Space

I have been trying to stop myself from buying books lately not because money is short, but because I have no shelf space. Ever since the flood last year, my room has been made into semi-storage that can only be livable. See, the flood destroyed my brother’s room so he no longer has a closet or a desk or whatever. He may be moving out soon since he’s getting married in a month, so having no storage is okay with him (I think). So now, my room stores his clothes, other clothes and of course, my things. I don’t sleep or hang out much my room unless necessary, so it’s really just more of a storage room than an actual bedroom.

That just made me realize that I haven’t had my own bedroom for almost a year now. OH.

But I digress. So I have to stop myself from buying books because my shelf is an absolute mess. My bookshelf used to only house books, and it was my favorite parts of the room. I mean, look how neat and organized it looked before (photo taken March last year):

My bookshelf in 2009

Of course that picture isn’t accurate since I added a lot more books after my birthday. But I always tried to keep it organized since this is the bookshelf I had been waiting for for how many years.

Fast forward to a year and a half (and again, the flood) later, this is how my shelf (and immediate areas around it) looked like:

Look at that bookish mess.

My shelf has become a house for not only books but for other things because I lost my desk and my original bed to the flood. Most of the other stuff in my headboard and my table were stuffed in the available space on my shelf, making it quite a mess. The books in front of the shelf on the table are the new books I bought for the past months, which had no room on the shelf itself. See why I am hesitant to buy new books? It’s going to add to that mess. Ebooks are more convenient!

Here's how it looks like without the table in front.

But I digress again. Since today is a non-working holiday, I decided to finally, finally tackle the mess that is my shelf and put some semblance of order in it. I also wanted to see if I can clear up some shelf space by selecting books that I didn’t like and/or know I won’t read anymore to give away/donate/put up for prizes/whichever.

So how did I tackle the book shelf cleaning?

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