Ted Dekker + Tosca Lee = Forbidden

I wasn’t supposed to post any more today because…well, I was planning to reserve posting for another day. But this is something to squee about, and I just have to post it.

Of course it’s about books. :P

So I was talking to my friend Ted just a while ago, and I was talking about browsing Amazon again and sampling like crazy (I never stop haha), and then he lays a bomb on me:

You know TED and TOSCA are collaborating right?

And I’m like: NO, I DON’T!

I’m afraid I haven’t been checking much on Christian fiction, since I have been too focused on YA and fantasy among other stuff. But this…this is big news!

Backing up now. To those who don’t know, Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee are two of the best Christian authors out there. Ted Dekker is known for coming up with a book (and sometimes more) in a year. He writes mostly mystery and suspense, and it always has a deeper connection to spirituality and faith without being overly preachy. He wrote The Circle Trilogy and Thr3e (and more), some of my favorite novels. Tosca Lee, on the other hand, is the author of two awesome (and sometimes controversial) novels, Demon (a story of a demon who asked a human to write his memoir) and Havah (a novelized story of Eve), and she’s currently writing Iscariot, the story of Judas in first person. Amazing, right?


Okay let me just take a deep breath and spazz here for a while. Waaait.


Okay, done. Here’s the scoop (from Ted Dekker’s Facebook):

Four hundred eighty years have passed since civilization’s brush with extinction. Perfect order reigns. Humanity’s greatest threats have all been silenced. There is no disease, no malice, no hate, no war. There is only peace.

Until the day when one man discovers the truth: Every single soul walking the earth is actually dead. The human heart has been stripped of all that makes it human. Now only he is alive and only he has the knowledge that can once again awaken humanity.

But the way is treacherous and the cost is staggering. For, indeed, in that day life itself is…Forbidden.

Awesome. Only Ted and Tosca can do something like this. I. Can’t. Wait. Summer 2011 is too far away. :(