Waiting on Wednesday: Sweet Valley Confidential

I don’t remember myself as much of a reader when I was really young, up until a classmate brought some colorful little books to school, ones that immediately got me curious. That was the first time I was introduced to Sweet Valley. I started begging my parents to get me those books (back then they cost Php59.75 — a little over a dollar), and they got me one every month. I was enchanted by the adventures of the Wakefield twins, and I seriously wanted to be one of the Wakefields. I decided I want to be a writer after I found out Elizabeth wanted to be one, too. Copy much?

I was more into Sweet Valley Twins and their middle-school/junior high adventures, because my mom didn’t want me to read SVH and anything older than my age. I tend to shy away from them, because of that, so I missed all their other juicy adventures while in high school. When I try to re-read any of my Sweet Valley books now, I wonder why I liked them so much when it’s mostly inconsistent and Jessica and Elizabeth are like the epitome of all Mary Sues in the world.  I guess I can never look back on something that got me to start reading.

So, after the long intro, here’s my Waiting on Wednesday this week! “Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating. Thanks to Trashionista for the heads up!

Sweet Valley Confidential

No official blurb yet, but here’s what I got from Trashionista:

Is Liz a hot young journalist engaged to pro-basketball player Todd Wilkins and planning the sweetest backyard wedding? Is Jess gracing the covers of international fashion magazines and breaking the hearts of wealthy jet-setters? After the perfect childhoods, how will the real world affect the lives of the Wakefield Twins? We’ll find out soon enough.

Squeeeee. Talk about reliving my childhood! This is set ten years after the series ended. Which series, exactly, I’m not sure — probably SVU? I’m also not sure if the Elizabeth in London series is included. I think Francine Pascal is really writing this one. I don’t have to explain why I am excited for this, right?

You can read the first chapter of the book by signing up at the official website. I finished reading it yesterday and I am so curious. I wonder if anyone in the Sweet Valley gang is already shopping for unique baby shower invitations..hmm curious! 2011 can’t come fast enough!