Beach and Books

Hello, I’m back!

I wasn’t able to leave a notice that I’m going away for a while, because it wasn’t really such a long time, anyway. I wanted to leave some scheduled posts, but of course I didn’t get to do that. :P Anyway, just where was I exactly last weekend?

Finally a reading picture by the beach!

I was with my Goodreads friends for a weekend of books, drinks and beach! Much thanks to our moderator, Kuya Doni, for hosting us in his hometown. I didn’t get to finish reading anything because I was hardly able to read except during that long jeep ride to this beach. I don’t mind, because it was so much fun being around some of my favorite people. :)

The book I’m reading there is The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, one of my Required Reading books for October. It’s not exactly very scary, but it’s creepy. Especially when you’re reading it while you’re in a semi-remote province where there are no tubs. :P

And as expected, too, I went home with a bunch of books. Oh, TBR pile.

Anyway, posts will resume soon! Let me just get them written down, of course. :D