Adiós por ahora

I really meant to schedule posts and reviews for the next two weeks while I’m gone, but alas, I ran out of time. You know how whenever you say you won’t cram stuff before any major trip weeks before, but still end up cramming at the end and realizing there were just so many things you haven’t done yet and there’s no time?

Yes, that’s me.

Anyway, this is just a notice that I will be out for the next fifteen days. I’m one of our country’s delegates for World Youth Day in Madrid which will happen next week, and afterwards, I’ll be going on a European mission trip with my Catholic community. I won’t be bringing a laptop where I am, so I doubt there’d be much blogging and reading RSS feeds and browsing websites such as I’ll be bringing my iPod, though, which is only really good for mobile stuff. I’m not even sure how much online time I’ll have there, so let’s just assume I’ll be offline most of the trip, yes?

Of course I’ll be reading whenever I get some lull time in the next two weeks (aka flights :D). I brought Astrid, my Kindle, with me, to save some luggage space. I’ve got really good books to accompany me so I know I won’t be alone (that, and we’re 18 in the group :D).

So, I bid you guys “Adiós por ahora”. :) Watch out for occasional tweets (I hope!).