Teaser Tuesday: Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

Last week, I blogged about two books I was currently reading, hoping that one of them would be book # 50 for 2010 before the first half of the year ended. Book # 50 ended up to be a different book, one that I bought on a whim and finished in two days. Crazy, I know. But I guess I overestimated myself with the two books since they were quite long.

Since I already gave teasers for those two books, I’m giving one from another. Yes, I read a lot of books at the same time, and I know that’s crazy, but I have different books for different occasions. I only read one book a time if it’s a classic, but since most of the books I’m reading are all YA/fantasy/chick lit, I can afford to focus more than one.

Anyway. Enough of that. Today’s Teaser Tuesday (hosted by MizB) is from an Asian chick lit novel that I got a week ago.

Amazing Grace by Tara FT SeringAmazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

Pre-school teacher, Grace Lim, thinks that she has finally found her man at age 27. Mr-Blind-Date-No.-7, Mike, has turned out to be everything that she s ever wanted, dreamt about, and more!

With a marriage proposal in hand, Grace thinks that she is set for life. Trouble begins to stir in paradise when Mike informs Grace that he is re-locating from Manila to sunny Singapore because of work.

But the conveniences of modern technology aren’t enough to bridge the distance between Mike and Grace, and what of Mike s colleague Kaela who appears in every photo that Mike s uploaded online?

So Grace decides to give Mike a surprise visit in Singapore but is she ready for what she will find?

Filipino chick lit is starting to grow, and I’m glad to see variety in the choices! Interestingly, the book is written in second person POV, so it’s like I am Grace in the story. I’ve learned to avoid writing in second person in my pieces, because it almost always doesn’t work as well as it should be. I just started reading this book, and I’m liking it so far, so I guess its second person POV works!

Here’s the teaser:

And factoring in the fact that only fictional chicks in movies get the guy they like on the first and second try (or after many cute pratfalls in equally cute outfits), you can expect a period of tumultuous hitting and missing, so getting together with someone by the time you’re 28 will require you to start looking around and dating about…well, last year. (p.15)

Hee! At least I’m not yet at that age yet, so I have time. I think I’m still at the age where I care more about acne treatments than that…but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it!  I’m no fictional chick, though, so I feel like there’s work cut out for me. Eeep! :P

What are you reading this week? :)

9 Thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

  1. I like the cover. Sounds like a good book. Mine is from Golden Conspiracy.

  2. The title was a grabber, made me think of the song.

    Mine’s here.

  3. Interesting teaser! I really can’t think of anything I have read recently that was in 2nd person. I don’t really care for it. My teaser is from Blood Song by Cat Adams.

  4. Nice teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

  5. Oh, great teasers! I hope it works out for her!

    My TT is here

  6. Happy Tuesday! I just love this meme! I get to see so many great books. Have a great week, happy reading. Stop by at The Wormhole to see mine!

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Filipino chick lit! Here is my teaser about another kind of chick at: http://www.the-reading-list.com

  8. I think many avid readers have more than one book going at a time – otherwise, how could we be avid readers?

  9. Hi Tina.

    Tara Sering is a required reading in grad school since we are currently discussing chic lit in the class. However, I find the story a bit shallow and stereotype. Or perhaps, I’m just more into Orwell’s 1984 type.

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