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Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, one of the many reasons why I haven’t been blogging lately is because I’ve been busy using my creative juices over at the Filipino ReaderCon website. This year, I decided to step up and have a bigger role in the conference just because it’s about something I feel passionate about. I became the head of the Online Promotions team, which wasn’t really different from what I did last year, save for a few more responsibilities.

So most of my responsibilities happened before the event: managing the website, helping out with the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, twitter, Facebook. It wasn’t that stressful, but it did zap me of some writing juices hence the silence in this blog. And that other blog.

But anyway. Last Saturday was D-day, and man, what a day it was. I love being a part of events, really, and events about books and reading really just takes the cake. Since my main responsibility for the day was to live tweet and to update Facebook every now and then, I was pretty relaxed. Especially since I had a very capable online promotions team who were ready to do the live tweeting for the different panels. :)

Online Promotions! Yay! (Photo from Ella)

So the morning sessions went by smoothly and Internet was running perfectly and tweets were coming in with the hashtag #filreadercon. I was tweeting, too, from my phone, and it was quite a tiring thing, but it gave me some time to listen to the panels. I just love the energy of the people, both online and offline.

And then, my good friend Celina tweeted this:

And then I double checked on my Tweetdeck:

OMG SQUEE! (#lib is also one of our hashtags, so double squee!)

I never really got to check if our hash tag last year trended, but this one was just…awesome. Of course, we stopped trending by lunch time, but hey, we still made it at one part of the day, so I am not complaining. :D Thanks so much to everyone who tweeted! (You can still check the tweets here!)

The rest of the day went by smoothly, and I had to do several things for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards and then socialized with some people. I stayed at the Flippers’ discussion of Pacific Rims and was one of the many people who were amazed at the Skype interview with the author (Ryan Gosling look-alike!), and then visited both the Fifty Shades of Grey discussion by The Mysterious Reading Society and The Little Prince discussion by my book club. I know, me in a 50 Shades discussion? Haha! They were very interesting ones, and so different from each other, don’t you think?

And then it was Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards time! I knew the winners ahead of time of course, but seeing the winners’ reactions were priceless! Especially Bebang Siy’s! Hee! I am so getting her book soon. :D


I was so happy some of my favorite books won, too. :)

Then it was socials time, and raffle, and by that time, I was both happy and sad that everything was over. I was tired, but it was the happy kind of tired, because it was just a very, very awesome day. :)

The ReaderCon Core Commitee (photo from Rhett)

Core Committee and Volunteers (photo c/o Rhett)

GR-TFG…in the process of ruining Angus’ hair :) (photo c/o Ella)

But of course, the day wasn’t over yet. My book club friends and I hung out and caught up at Coffee Bean in Ayala Triangle for a few more hours before finally going home.

Overall, it was just a really awesome day. :) It’s events like these that make me remember something I wrote a month ago about, well, words: I am made for this. I really think I am.

Many, many thanks to everyone who made it, to my fellow volunteers, to my book club and the other book clubs, to the panelists, to everyone who made this event possible especially the following: our co-presenters: Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and National Book Development Board (NBDB); and sponsors: Scholastic, Lampara Books, McDonald’s, Flipreads, Anvil Publishing, Hachette Philippines, Amici Philippines, OMF Literature and Adarna House. :) I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to socialize that much after — but if you saw me and you said hi, just say hi again here on on Twitter and all that. :D Then when I’m less busy, let’s talk. (Or better yet, join me in our next book club meetings!)

If you were there, would you also care to give us some feedback so we’d know how to make next year’s event better? :)

See you at the next Filipino ReaderCon!

11 Thoughts on “United We Read

  1. Hello, Tina! The online promotions team did a fantastic job as well! I can’t imagine myself doing all those tweeting, and blogging, and doing posts for the ReaderCon! Till next year! Woot woot!

  2. Looks like it was a blast! I hope you will have time to blog more now. You’ve been missed.

  3. I really can’t take credit for the trending thing – Aaron was the one who pointed it out to me and I just tweeted it since he was busy live-tweeting the book blogging ethics panel.:)

    I had such a great time at ReaderCon, you guys did a great job!:)

    • Noted, I’ll add that! Hee but since you were the first to tweet, you had special mention. :D

      Yes it was so much fun! I still feel really pleased at how it turned out. :D Haha but next year, it might be fun to be a participant. ;) Let’s see how bibo I am by then. :D

  4. Hurray to your team! I can’t also imagine myself doing all those live tweets. It would blister my fingers, haha. :D

    • And I don’t know if I can be friendly enough for registration. haha. Then again I almost felt like I was a part of your team because I kept on hanging out there.:D

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