10 for 2010: Favorite Authors

One of the many things I like about reading is discovering new favorite authors. They’re the ones you know that whatever book they will release, you’ll automatically get it, and you would still like them even if that new book wasn’t as good as the others (at least until their books just become really bad). 2010 gave me a chance to discover new authors that I haven’t read before, and they’re now added to my list of auto-buys. Not all of these authors have a lot of books out, nor have I read all of their works, but the ones I read for this year impressed me so much that I am looking forward to their next releases. :)

Today’s 10 for 2010 is 10 Favorite Authors (again, in no particular order):

1. Patrick Ness – I’ve heard of his Chaos Walking series  a lot, and I wasn’t really planning on reading it. But boy oh boy, I’m glad I started. Patrick Ness is one of those authors from where awesomeness comes. And this is only me raving about the first book (and the novella). And I absolutely love it that he’s a runner, too.

2. Stephen EmondHappyface is one of my favorite books this year, and I found Stephen Emond very much like him. You guys should totally follow him on Twitter — he’s hilarious. And his Tumblr, too. :) And I’m not just saying this because I’m supposedly the president of his fans club. :P

3. Ilona Andrews – This husband-wife team is probably the best world-building authors I’ve read this year. They made Kate Daniels‘ world so real that I feel like I also lived there at some point while reading. I can’t wait to read the On the Edge series, and of course, the rest of Kate Daniels. :)

4. Mina V. Esguerra – I got to talk to Mina online last year because I asked her for a pep talk for the Pinoywrimos, and this year, she sent me an email about her ebook. I loved Fairy Tale Fail so much that I re-read My Imaginary Ex, and when she announced that she has a new book coming, I stalked the bookstores more often just so I could find it. Mina is now one of my favorite local authors, and she inspires me to finish my other NaNo chick-lits. :D I look forward to reading her future books!

5. John Green – I’ve heard of John Green for the longest time now, but it took me this year to read his books. I now understand why he’s such a staple in the contemporary community. John Green is the male version of Sarah Dessen, only quirkier, funnier and he has he most awesome sidekicks. When oh when are you coming out with a new book?

6. Rachel Hauck – I haven’t been reading too many Christian novels this year, but after I splurged on her books when I saw them on sale on Amazon, I started liking Rachel Hauck more. I was pretty lukewarm on her first novel, but her Lowcountry Romances are fun and sweet. She will definitely be one of my go-to authors if I want something light and sweet and Southern. :)

7. Kristin Cashore – I wasn’t really a fantasy fan at the start of this year, but Kristin Cashore was one of those authors who helped me convert. Much thanks to Adele’s rave reviews over Graceling and Fire, I gobbled up those two books too, and I love her since then. I love the way she writes and what she writes, and when that is probably the perfect combination. :)

8. Carrie Ryan – Her books made me love zombies again. Not everyone liked her books, but she has this way of writing that pulls me inside her world and make me feel what the characters feel and see. I love how thematic her zombie novels are, and how she never used the word “zombie” in her series. :D Someday, I want to write like she does.

9 . Mira Grant – I have professed my love for her zombie book, Feed, so many times in this blog, and I really, really cannot wait for the next book, Deadline. Should I even explain more why she’s here? I am very curious about her other books she wrote with her real name, Seannan McGuire — if only I can find copies of them here.

10. Stephanie Perkins – This author just totally rocked my contemporary world this year. It’s obvious that I love Anna and the French Kiss, and Stephanie is such a cool person online that it’s plus points for her. I cannot wait to read what she comes up with next.


  • Jackson Pearce – Jackson Pearce is one of those super funny authors on Twitter that I started following before I even read her books. I loved As You Wish, and I liked Sisters Red, and I cannot wait for Sweetly. While I can’t say she’s one of my absolute auto-buy authors, I can definitely say that her books are those that will always have a place in my wish list. :)
  • Tamora Pierce – I’m a late fan, but better late than never, right? Tamora Pierce is like Kristin Cashore’s mom, and I know I should have liked her first, but forgive me for being such a fantasy noob. I now understood why Alanna is a hero for many girls, and why Trebond is such a magical, magical place. :) I look forward to reading her other books. :D

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14 Thoughts on “10 for 2010: Favorite Authors

  1. It took me a year too to convince myself to read a John Green book. And because Aaron is recommending it to all. Haha

    • I read Looking for Alaska before Aaron recommended him to me. Then I read Paper Towns because of him. :P Aaron is a very effective book pusher. ;)

  2. I really didn’t like The Knife of Never Letting Go and couldn’t continue on but I’m definitely going to check out some of these authors.

    • I think Knife is an acquired taste. It’s more scifi than fantasy, and the writing can turn people off. I hear the next books get better though. :)

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  4. This Year I loved the following authors:

    1. Neil Gaiman – I am surprised that I would like his books. I hesitate picking his works thinking that it is a “guy’s book.” (have read American Gods, Anansi Boys, and The Graveyard Book, have my eye on Stardust, Coraline, Odd and the Frost Giant, Neverwhere. I have heard a lot about his Sandman Series but it kind of seems daunting for me…)
    2. Suzanne Collins – I like her writing style in the Hunger Games Trilogy, thinking of getting her Underland Chronicles Series.
    3. Kristin Cashore – I picked up Graceling in Booksale, I got it cheap, and its hardbound too :) and boy, I did not regret that purchase. I too gobbled up Graceling!
    3. Susanna Clarke – I like how she wrote Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, with those little facts about English Magic via the footnotes and her writing style is so very British :P
    4. Philip Pullman – I liked his Dark Materials Trilogy, I think he has a Sally Lockhart series, haven’t researched what its all about.

    I seem to like British Writers(Pullman, Clarke, Rowling, Tolkien, Lewis, Austen, Dahl) they have this certain kind of style, wit and humor. That’s why I’m kind of curious about Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus Trilogy, I hear its good :)

    I have hear a lot about the following too: Jasper Fforde, Eva Ibbotson, Shannon Hale, Casandra Clare, Robin Mckinley. But I still don’t know which of their works should I start with :P

    • Neil Gaiman – I loved Stardust. :) I just have to read more of his books, though.

      Suzanne Collins – she’s been a favorite since last year. :) Mockingjay wasn’t my favorite, but the series is phenomenal.

      Kristin Cashore – I totally agree. :)

      I definitely recommend Jasper Fforde. He’s one of my favorite authors and his books are hilarious. Start with his Thursday Next series (The Eyre Affair). It takes a while to get into the world, but once you’re in, you’d want to live there. :D

      I have friends who like Robin McKinley, Eva Ibbotson and Shannon Hale, but I have yet to read their books. For Cassandra Clare, I enjoyed The Mortal Instruments series. :)

      • Hey Tina, I was wondering if having not read Jane Eyre would somewhat spoil Fforde’s The Eyre affair?

        • Oops, I saw that I haven’t replied to this yet. No, I don’t think so. I haven’t read Jane Eyre yet, but I enjoyed Eyre Affair book on both reads. :)

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  6. I think I need to re-read my Carrie Ryan books. I just found I was a little put-off by them once I was done even if I did enjoy them too. The problem is that hers are typically cheerful, happy ending books, so you need to be in the right mind-set to fully appreciate them. An author I really enjoyed this year was Elizabeth Scott.

    • Carrie Ryan is a miss author for my guy friends, and maybe for others too. Her books are depressing, but the writing is beautiful.

      Elizabeth Scott – I only appreciated her this year, too. I wasn’t a fan of Bloom or Perfect You, but I loved Stealing Heaven and Grace. :)

  7. John Green is amazing. Seriously, his books have the power to change lives. I am such a fangirl! And Kristin Cashore is a brilliant fantasy writer. I loved Graceling (but my copy of Fire is still sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I need to get to that soon!). After reading your posts, I really hope to read Stephen Emond’s books soon. Happyface sounds so touching :)

    • Oh you should definitely read Fire soon. I read it first so I’m biased on it, but it’s better than Graceling. :)

      And Stephen Emond – I hope you find a copy of Happyface sometime. :) It’s kind of hard to find a copy (but if you win my giveaway, you can pick that!), but once you find one, don’t let it go. It’s like a John Green book but with drawings. :D

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