[Closed] One More Page – Anniversary Giveaway

NOTE: This giveaway is closed! Thanks to everyone who joined. :-) Winners were announced here. :)

It’s Christmas Eve in my part of the world! :) I think I just about survived the most hectic Christmas season ever with parties, work and a wedding to attend, so now that things are winding down, it’s time to up some things here in the blog. :)

Other bloggers have set up their gratitude/Christmas/what-have-you giveaways in the past weeks, and I am kind of joining the bandwagon. My blog is about to celebrate its first anniversary in a couple of weeks (on January 9, to be exact), so what better way to celebrate that and Christmas (well, an extended reason to celebrate, anyway) than a book giveaway? :D Presenting:

One More Page Anniversary GiveawayOne More Page Anniversary Giveaway! I never really thought I’d be able to keep a niche blog for this long, and I have met so many people, read so many books and learned so many new things that I am really, really grateful. As a thank you to everyone who’s left comments, visited and followed my blog, I will be giving away copies of the following books:

I want to make this giveaway interactive, so instead of just making you fill out a form and making you do so many other things, all you need to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment. Leave a comment in every entry from now up to January 9, 2011, and every comment will count as an entry to the giveaway. You can leave multiple comments on an entry, especially if it’s a discussion post. :) The more comments you leave, the more entries you get, and we will have meaningful conversations, too! :P

I will pick two winners at random: one in the Philippines and one international*. Winners get to pick one of the books listed above**. :)

Easy-peasy, right? :)


  • Contest runs starting today up to January 9, 2011
  • Every comment left starting this post up to January 9, 2011 will count as an entry to the contest (unless otherwise stated in the comment)***.
  • Two winners will be chosen at random (random.org), one in the Philippines and one international*
  • Winners get to pick one of the books listed above as their prize**

Alrightie then! Looking forward to hear from everyone! :)

* As long as Book Depository ships to your country
** In case the winner already has all of the books, they can pick any book worth $15 from Book Depository
*** I reserve the right not to include comments that are irrelevant to the entry or comments that are left just to leave a comment and nothing else. Again, one of the purposes of the contest is to encourage interaction, so meaningful/relevant comments, please. :)

70 Thoughts on “[Closed] One More Page – Anniversary Giveaway

  1. This is an awesome contest! I’m quite excited to get commenting ;)

  2. OMG TINAAAAAA merry Christmas and Happy birthday to your blog! this is awesome!!!

    You are spreading the Paper Towns love! Haha I sound like Aaron. :P I want to win haha

  3. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on your blog anniversary! Nice mix of books to choose from – there are several I haven’t read, including Anna and the French Kiss, which I’ve heard phenomenal things about!

    • Anna and the French Kiss is really good, it deserves the hype it’s getting. :) The other books in the list are some of my best reads in 2010, too. :)

  4. Awesome books Tinamats! haha. Let the comments begin! =)
    Some of those books from the list have great reviews from you, right?

  5. Oh wow, such a great giveaway. I initially thought you were giving away 10 books! LOL but I think it’s great that you’re allowing the winner to choose the books and that it’s an international giveaway. I’d love to join. :)

    • Haha I had to double check the instructions and emphasize ONE book after you commented. :D There are too many good books to choose from this year, so letting the winner choose is the best thing I could think of. :)

  6. Yay! Happy blog birthday! And, happy holidays. :)
    Count me in for the giveaway please. You’ve chosen really great books. I really love some of the different covers displayed! Of course, some of ours are different. I’ve never seen that UNWIND cover before. I really love that cover of FIRE as well!

    • I think this is the UK cover of Unwind? It’s less creepy than the other cover for sure. :D Thanks and happy holidays to you too!

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  8. Great contest! And really nice selection of prizes. I would love to win Fire for myself or Knife of Never Letting Go for my sister. I predict hordes of readers will be leaving comments here soon.

  9. Wow! Everyone’s having giveaway competitions right now! Cool! :)
    I hope one (or both) winners pick Mira Grant’s FEED. Or Tall Story–which I both have, read and loved. :)

    [of course I’d love to win too. Who wouldn’t want to, right? Haha.]

  10. Awesome contest. Thanks for making it international! :D


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  12. OMG! there are actually four books here that are on my wishlist. So I’m in!
    Merry Christmas Tina!

  13. What an awesome contest! Thank you for making it international:)
    Have a great christmas.

  14. I would love to have “Happy Face”, because I can’t find copies of that book here

  15. Really cool contest with some great choices! Count me in.

  16. Your birthday blog is my actual birthday in real life? This is a no-brainer that we were destined to be friends, right? ;)

  17. Moridin on December 25, 2010 at 7:45 am said:

    There are some great choices available that I’d love to read.

  18. Happy Advance Anniversary, sis!! :P

    Hmm… I think those books are part of your top ten this year, am i right?

    • Yup! Well, most of them, anyway. The books I’m reading lately are joining their ranks — that Top 10 is very hard to write. :D

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  20. Congrats, and thanks for the contest! (:

  21. There is one thing that I love as much as the holidays and that’s book giveaways! They both make you feel warm and fuzzy all over :) I haven’t read a single one of the ten giveaway books and I have my eye on a couple of them. I have read Graceling though, the book preceding Fire and it is awesome. I heard there is a third installment along the way…Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Tin! Yes, Bitterblue! I want that book, too. :)

      I can’t recommend those books up there enough, and the best way to make other people read them is to give them away. :D

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  23. Very nice blog you’ve got! This is a nice giveaway and I love writing comments and also getting them:) Happy Holidays

  24. Hi
    Nice idea of giveaway, Tina. Thanks for the chance.
    Happy Holidays. I hope you have fun

    From the cover. I just recognize Before I Fall and Anna and The French Kiss
    I am wondering with the other books.
    *click the link*

  25. First of all, Happy Birthday to your blog :)
    I really want that Before I Fall book, it’s on my wishlist actually. And that book cover of Fire is just to-die-for! This is such a fantastic giveaway! Thanks a lot! ;)

  26. Awesome books for giveaway! Thanks, Tina! Love love love the cover of Unwind there.

    • That Unwind cover is less creepy than the other one, right? But when you think about it, it can actually be a bit disturbing. ^^

  27. Awesome giveaways. I think it’s a great idea to encourage meaningful comment instead of just following and spread the words. I think I’ll ‘steal’ your idea for my giveaway in the future :D

    Thanks for the opportunity ~

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  29. Nathalia Monteiro on December 28, 2010 at 10:08 pm said:

    Yay! <3 Awesome books! Thanks for making it international =D

  30. Krystal on December 29, 2010 at 2:48 pm said:

    What a great selection! I loved Fire by Kristen Cashore and I’ve been dying to read Anna and the French Kiss. I hope it lives up to all the hype :)

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  32. This is actually my first visit to this blog. I followed a link to the most anticipated books of 2011 from Megan McCafferty’s twitter. I love that quite a few of the books in this giveaway aren’t the usual ones you see around. It gives people more of a chance to experience different books because I already have a mile-long list of books I need to get.

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by. I try to read the other not-so-popular books so they get more exposure. Plus I find that hype kills my love for some books. :D And don’t we all have huge mountains of to-be-read books? :)

  33. I agree Tina, I rarely read the “hype-type” books right away as I always seem to expect to much and are then dissapointed. I try to give it some time and then jump in. Thank you for your giveaway (BTW love your tweets) :)

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  35. Wow! Nine is my lucky number. Happy Blogsary in advance! Awesome giveaway! Two of the books there are on my wishlist for 2011. Wishing all the best for you and this blog! :)

  36. Hi! Tina
    Happy New Year!
    Happy Anniversary! One More Page!
    wow! this is great I like all the books! I hope you can bare my english grammar tsaka pde ba tagalog? hehehe. but I’ll try to comment like Nicholas Sparks with a twist of Neil Gaiman hahaha. Since mag-New Year ngayon pagbigyan mo na ako. hahaha. As of now I’ve heard and read some info’s about Tall Story-“I read na true story pala eto?”, Paper Towns-“mala-urban legend ba eto?”, Fire-“like ng Hunger Games?”, North of Beautiful-“Hindi ba pwede may beautiful din sa South?” and The Knife of Never Letting Go-“hindi ba part 2 eto ng Never Let Le Go? hahaha”. Isasama ko na rin sa New Year’s resolution ko na magbasa, magreview at huwag kalimutang mag-comment sa One More Page and I hope please give me a chance One More Time
    to win in this contest…Congrats! for the Sharade champions!

  37. Hi! Tina
    I read your reviews in Happyface. wow! it reminds me my youthful years. I can say it’s my story, just like the Whimpy Kid. It tells that life has two sides happy and sad, sad or happy, more happiness or more sadness. does life really offers both or are we the ones to choose or let the life gives more suprises?!…..As for me I guess more sadness but with happyness = super happiness hahaha! as a saying goes what ever happens be thankful and the living proof for us to be happy is that we are “a live and kicking!” there are more oppurtunities and hopes awaits. I also observed the journal type of books very artistic I myself loves art, drawing, sketching, that’s why sometimes drawings help you visualized the inner beauty of one’s self and show the degree of words use in it. I myself was doing the journal type since elementary thru college years. My notebook was full of stories and drawings about my day to day activities and school subjects.I can say that I’m a good but one thing caught my attention was my friend “a girl” she draws abstract-shapes, stick figures, fuzzy lines because she’s not good in drawing but her drawing visualization was so unique-you can described her anger and emotions. Happyface is a book of self discovery, self realization, discovering your hidden powers or talents just like Stephen Emond, book of art,emo, and a book that “Happyness never ends.”

  38. Happy blogiversary in advance!

  39. Hi! I learned about this giveaway from Chachic.
    You have great books in your giveaway list. =)
    Happy blogsary!

  40. Hi Tina! :)

    I came by here through jzhunagev’s site! And I’m very competitive to at least won in an online constest for the first time! But before that, I want to greet you, Happy Anniversaryyyyy!!! :) You know nothing beats when our beloved blog get a year older. It means a lot of readers come by! Cheers to another year! I’ll be dropping by more often!!! :)

  41. I was looking for a Stephen King book up there (cos I have a collection) but there’s none, nevertheless, I will really love to win any book up there! I hope I’ll win and I hope this comment ain’t be considered spam. :P Thanks Tina! :) Be back here tomorrow! :P

  42. Happy New Year and anniversary, Tina! I’m pretty appalled I
    found out about this contest so late, but I will catch up! :D I’m a
    reader from the Philippines. I’m loving the array of books you have
    up for grabs. I’ve been dying to read Anna and the French Kiss, so
    I have my eyes on that. Thanks again for the giveaway!

  43. Tricia on January 9, 2011 at 7:53 pm said:

    It’s officially your birthday today! Happy birthday!!!! :)

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