10 for 2010: Favorite Male Characters

Favorite Male Characters

We kick-off the 10 for 2010 series with my Favorite Male Characters in 2010. I like strong, male characters in books, but by strong, I don’t mean macho or all gung-ho and just masculine. I like guys that leave an impact — guys who are not afraid to admit their weaknesses, guys who aren’t afraid to cry, guys who know how to respect the people around them and still stand up for themselves or their family when needed. In short, I like my male characters real, as real as they can be in fiction.

Not all of these characters listed below are the main heroes. Some of them are sidekicks or supporting characters, and they deserve as much credit as the heroes do. The heroes won’t be heroes without them!

And now my 10 Favorite Male Characters from 2010 — these came from books I read this year, and in no particular order.

1. Happyface (Happyface by Stephen Emond) – He has no face except for a happy face. He’s probably one of the most real characters I’ve read this year, and I cannot stop expressing my love for this guy. He’s just…aww. To quote my review:

Happyface is the dorky boy in school who you would never have a crush on, but would be really good friends with. He’s the guy who’d draw stuff for you, join you in shopping and hand you a Christmas gift that he made himself, looking all awkward and blushing. He’s the guy you will call when you’re dating someone and you need someone to encourage you or tell you that everything will work out — heck, he may even help you work things out with the guy. Happyface is the guy who is secretly in love with you, and you may never ever know because he’s too shy to tell you about it.

2. Radar (Paper Towns by John Green) – one of my favorite John Green sidekicks. I love that he’s black, and I love that he’s the ultimate geek in their little trio. I also love that Radar’s parents have the biggest collection of black Santas in the world. Radar is the type of friend who you’d normally forget, and he knows it, but when you need him, he will be there. Q is lucky to have him as a friend.

3. Jinn (As You Wish by Jackson Pearce) – for a paranormal creature, Jinn is not perfect. I really liked how the author wrote him, and how I was given an opportunity to see his side of the romance in the story, instead of just seeing everything from the girl’s side. Jinn is snarky, sarcastic and vulnerable at the same time. I rooted for him from the start all the way to the end. :)

4. Curran (Kate Andrews series by Ilona Andrews) – Ah Curran. I wouldn’t have discovered him if it weren’t for Chachic and Michelle pushing me to get the books. And I am very, very thankful for giving in because Curran is awesome. How do I describe the Beast Lord more accurately? I don’t have the words. Let’s just say he’s the guy who’d go through hell just to save his Mate. Who would not like that? I cannot wait for Magic Slays.

5. Bennett (Tweet Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick) – Another sidekick that won my heart. Bennett is your standard sci-fi geek who has a blog, a Twitter and is normally there to annoy the heck out of other people. However, he’s also the guy who you can count on to be there when things get ugly. I liked how complex his character was in Tweet Heart, and that’s saying a lot because that’s a book written in tweets and emails. :P

6. Shaun Mason (Feed by Mira Grant) – I love Shaun because I love brothers. And I like that while he can be reckless, he’s also very loyal to his sister, Georgia. This is a guy character who supports the female character and he still shines with his own wit and personality. I cannot wait to read more about him in the next book, Deadline.

7. Arnold Spirit / Junior (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexey) – As I mentioned in the review, Arnold reminds me of Happyface and that was already an ultimate plus for me. I liked that he fought for what he wanted even if he knew no one really believed in him. I liked how he let things roll off his back and he keeps on standing up again. We could all learn a lot from Arnold Spirit. :)

8. Hassan (An Abundance of Katherines by John Green) – I am conflicted between Hassan and Radar as the best John Green sidekick, but who says I cannot love both. Just like Radar, Hassan is funny and loyal. I love that he’s Lebanese and even if Colin has been ditching him for all the Katherines, he stuck by him and he’s always there to pick him up after a break up.

9. Brigan (Fire by Kristin Cashore) – I loved Brigan the moment he first showed up in Fire. He’s the kind of guy that you’d initially be intimidated with, but you’ll also find him quite attractive. He’s the kind of man you know you could trust with your life, and would do everything in his power to keep his loved ones safe.

1o. Etienne St. Clair (Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins) – Etienne St. Clair is probably the most popular guy character in the contemporary world now, ever since Stephanie Perkins’ debut novel came out. And who wouldn’t like him? He’s funny, he’s witty, and he’s wonderfully imperfect. His British accent really helps up the hotness factor, too. :P


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24 Thoughts on “10 for 2010: Favorite Male Characters

  1. I loved Bennett too (:

  2. You and I share the love for Hassan’s sense of humor!

  3. I haven’t read one single book containing your fav male characters:( But as I just started my blog several months ago, there is many potential left for 2011, fully integrated in the blogging community and also fully influenced by you all:D
    My fav male character from sound: Jinn As You Wish by Jackson Pearce! I love sarcastic and somehow vulnerable male characters and I really like that we get to read something for his POV! This goes straight to my wishlist!

  4. Okay, I am going to have to read HappyFace now because it sounds awesome! And I haven’t heard one bad thing about Anna and the French Kiss- which is fantastic:)

  5. Here are some of my fave male characters in 2010:

    1. Mr. Norell (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke) – his being so uptight is funny, loves books (though to the point of selfishness); and though he suffers in comparison to Strange, he came through in the end :)
    2. Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games) – he paints and he bakes…he BAKES….that alone is enough for me. :P
    3. Nobody “Bod ” Owens (The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman) – I love that he cares a lot about the people he loves whether dead or alive, he is also bold and inquisitive.
    4. Shadow (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) – Brave and his love for his wife is quite touching.
    5. Fat Charlie (Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman) – Quite funny and adorable
    6. The Little Prince (The Little Prince by Antoine De-Saint Exupery) – Smart, inquisitive and caring
    7. Ethan Lawson Wate (Beautiful Creatures by Garcia and Stohl)
    8. Klaus Baudelaire (Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket)
    9. Sticky Washington (Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart)
    the three, only because they love to to read. I have a soft spot for book geeks :P
    I couldn’t make it up to ten, unless I add my all-time fave from HP Snape and Sirius Black :P

    Happyface really seems the “awww” type based on your description. I would want to read the book. :)

    • I’m with you on Nobody Owens and Klaus Baudelaire. They’re awesome. Although Bartimaeus from Bartimaeus Trilogy and The Ring of Solomon is my most favorite character of all. I love his witty humor and sarcasm jokes!

      • I have been thinking of getting the trilogy since I have heard from many that Bartimaeus is really quite a character. Is that him on the cover of the Amulet of Samarkand? If it is, he looks very mischievous! I bet I’m going to love him too :P

    • Hello! I love your 10 Favorite Male Characters!

      • Thanks! :P I would love to read all about Hassan. I love funny men! I have not read any John Green book, so I’m definitely going to put An Abundance of Katherines on my list.

    • Ah, I need to read The Graveyard Book soon. I like Peeta too, but honestly, I’d choose Gale over him — I’m always for the best friend. Hee. ^^

  6. I don’t know any of them :| I should start reading more. hahaha!

  7. I think that I need to start reading John Green right away. Every time I go to get new books, I look at his, and then I always end up picking something else because I feel like I can relate better to a female narrator. I need to talk myself out of that because I’ve heard so many good things about him.

    • That’s the same thing I thought of when I saw his books before. Then everyone started recommending him, including Sarah Dessen, so I finally gave in. He’s really good, and his characters are so quirky. :)

  8. Radar!! He’s hilarious. Black santas for the win! :D

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