All I Want for Christmas 2011 Is… (Book Edition)


November is halfway done, which means that December is just around the corner, which also means that Christmas is just around the corner! And in the spirit of gift-giving and all that (and to help my friends in picking out presents for me, y’know, in case they want to :P) here’s my wish list for 2011! :)

BOOK-RELATED STUFF (also known as possibly expensive book-related gifts):

  • Still waiting for that book seal. My brother was supposed to give me one, but I have to confirm. :P
  • Kindle Touch. I mean, come on, you know you want one too (also, I can dream. haha).


  1. Pysch Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson
  2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente
  3. The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen  Thanks, Monique!
  4. The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen Thanks Angus!
  5. Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers
  6. Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers
  7. What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones
  8. Heist Society by Ally Carter
  9. Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park (I don’t mind the ebook version!)
  10. Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver (UK edition, please?)
  11. Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
  12. The Boy Book (Ruby Oliver # 2) by E. Lockhart (and the rest of the Ruby Oliver books) Thanks, Tricia! :)
  13. Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick
  14. The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June by Robin Benway
  15. Nightspell by Leah Cypess
  16. Amplified by Tara Kelly
  17. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
  18. Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

I don’t really have much of a preference between books and ebooks but for books with illustrations (particularly #2, 9 and 10), I would want them in print. Because that’s really one of the things you’d pay for in print. :)

I’m also all for recommendations — if you think I’ll like the book, then I would gladly accept. it. :D

But if you’d rather be different, and decide to give me something non-book related…well:

  • Anything with sunflowers and/or stars
  • Gift certificates — not just bookstores, but other places too: Starbucks, Dashing Diva, CBTL, etc.
  • Pretty pens and notebooks :)

I’m pretty easy to please, so even a Christmas card would do, actually. Snail mail makes me happy too. :D

I’m also posting this because I joined this year’s Book Blogger Holiday Swap again. :) It’s so fun sending and receiving packages during the holiday season that even if I am a little tight on the budget this year, I didn’t mind signing up. Unfortunately, sign ups for this swap is already closed, but there are other book swaps, too, like the Book Geeks Book Exchange. :) Come join the book exchanging holiday fun!

5 Thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas 2011 Is… (Book Edition)

  1. Because Archie’s Kindle 3 crashed last week (as in, it froze in its sleep mode and it wouldn’t wake no matter what we do – as a last resort, Archie opened the back panel and tried to reset it, to no avail), we decided to get him a Kindle Touch. I contacted Amazon about the freezing problem, and they asked us to call them for possible troubleshooting and even offered to replace it, since it’s still under warranty. But after weighing the probable costs of an overseas call and shipping the damaged unit, we decided to just get a new one. After all, it’s a very good deal for $99. :) I hope someone gifts you with one, too. ;)

    • Aw that’s so bad about the Kindle. But still, Kindle Touch is a steal, ano? I’m hoping I could get my parents to give me that since they’re still in the US, so cheaper shipping. Haha. Then I’ll sell the old one. =D

      How are you shipping your Kindle here btw?

  2. TINAAAAAAAAAAAA! I have a copy of your wished book #11 (the one with a frog on the cover) and I think I will give it to you! :) I haven’t read it because I haven’t read the first book so it’s quite useless on my shelves. You better have it, master YA reader haha!

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