Comic Books and Launches

So it’s been a pretty eventful week for me, but not in blogging because I didn’t really post that much this week compared to last. For a change, I was busy reading, squeeing about certain books, and talking to people face to face.

Yes, I still have a social life, thankyouverymuch. :)

So, what’s been happening the past week (and a day)?

Metro Comicon

Saturday last week, I ventured into the city and out of my comfort zone to tag along with some of the boys from my Goodreads group to attend the Metro Comicon at SM Megamall. Now, I’m really not a comic person, but I recently bought Happyface before that Saturday, so I thought…why not look around? Plus, I was also hoping I’d find a copy of AEIOU or An Easy Intimacy of Us by Jeff Brown (one that I started to want to have after I read the review at Pinoy Pop) there. I have zero knowledge about other comics, but I figure it shouldn’t be that different from when I go and look at books, right?

Well, it wasn’t, really. I didn’t find AEIOU, and I ended up not buying anything after. I still had fun, though, if only because I got to watch some of the boys look like kids on Christmas morning as they had their favorite comic books signed by the writers and the artists. Ace and I were just watching them, then — he was just there to have his friend’s copy of Trese signed, and we were amused at how Jzhun and Ariel looked like how we do when we see books we love and all that. Ah, bookworm quirks. :)

This picture is a bit blurry, but trust me, their eyes were sparkling. ;)

Jzhun and Ariel with Trese creators

Even if I didn’t buy anything, I did appreciate the local comic book scene. There’s so much talent out here, and so many interesting ideas, and they’re really good. I may just be glossing over everything because I can’t draw to save my life…but really, it’s quite amazing looking at the available local comic books. :)

Case in point, look at how Manix Abrera signed Ariel’s comic books:

Awesome lettering. I envy. A lot.

Being at the Comicon kind of made me think that I’m in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, sans the Physics and Math talk and lcd monitors. So I guess that makes me Penny?

After Comicon, I dragged the boys joined my friends and I for a lunch at Orchard Road and lots of talking (as always). Ace already left, so he wasn’t in the picture, but Jzhun and Ariel finally met and bonded with Grace aka Kai. :D And the obligatory picture!

Goodreads represent (minus Ace) after Comicon

Mockingjay Launch Party

The rest of the week was full of Mockingjay excitement, which was further fueled by the Mockingjay Launch Party held yesterday at NBS Bestsellers in Galleria.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is pretty much the most anticipated book for everyone the entire year, and I was one of the people who actually jumped up and down when I finally have my copy (and my shirt) in my hands. I wanted to read it all throughout the night, but I had to surrender to my eyes who demanded rest, but I finished it in two days. No spoilers, here, and I will write a review for the book pretty soon, so let’s go to the launch instead.

Now the funny thing about the launch is it was some kind of unofficial Goodreads Filipino Group and Flips Flipping Pages meet-up. After some twitter exchange with Chachic and Honey, we set up an thread at the group, and planned the attendance. Blooey gave us a slot for the Catching Fire Live Action Role Play (LARP), too, and guess who became the group’s tributes?

We're tributes from District 7

Yep. Everyone wanted me to be the tribute because I was “athletic”. Right. I should be flattered that they think I have the guts to live through the Quarter Quell, but I don’t have a competitive bone in my body. Ariel‘s just in it to try to win a copy of Mockingjay, as far as I know. Sorry for my fail LARPing skills. ^^;

Well, the LARP was fun while it lasted. Like I said, I had no competitive bone in my body, so I wasn’t surprised that we were the first to be eliminated. But in my defense, Ariel and I agreed that the physical stuff should be for him, but of course they had to make us girls “carry” the guys and shoot the arrow…both of which are a fail to me. Oh wait, I didn’t have to carry Ariel — he was nice enough to tiptoe so I won’t have to give him a piggyback ride. But I channeled a Grace when I tried to shoot the arrow — I broke my bow. Haha. Sorry!

I'm faking this.

But, despite that, it was fun. And we did get a shirt (my second Mockingjay shirt!). And the rest of the games were kind of…well, rowdy, so I was fine to not be there after. There were no blood baths, but it was…well, bloody in its own sense. :P

After the launch, there’s the obligatory picture taking, and an FFP+GR dinner, followed by coffee. Ah, this is where I excel the most — eating and talking about books. ;)

Goodreads with Mockingjays

Flips Flipping Pages + Goodreads Filipino Group

It was a long, fun and tiring day, and I personally think it was perfect being spent with people who has the same passion for books as I do. :)

I feel a bit sad that there’s no planned meet-ups soon, but it’s not hard to set up a meet-up anyway, at least not anymore, I think. So yeah, I had a blast last week and yesterday. I look forward to the next event, or even just the next movie/dinner/drinking session/whatever. :D

I end this post with a quote from Aaron‘s twitter:

Geeks shall inherit the earth.(Read: Filipino Goodreads and Flippers shall inherit the earth!).

Hear hear! Till next meet up (old and new) friends! :)

8 Thoughts on “Comic Books and Launches

  1. It was great meeting up with the Good Reads group. So sorry I couldn’t stay for the dinner — went straight to Tagaytay that night for my cousin’s thanksgiving party. I do hope we have more meetups, and maybe even a joint book discussion with you guys!

    Will post the Quarter Quell recap tonight, and another one on the party within the week.

  2. jzhunagev on August 31, 2010 at 10:17 am said:

    Ahhh! I love you GR peeps! ♥♥♥
    Nice meeting the FFP bookish folks. What a merry bunch!

    I really liked what you posted here Tina. I now appoint you as the official GR chronicler!
    Ahahaha! :D

  3. So nice of you to end your post with my tweet. :)

    And thanks for omitting the bloody part. People will think that I’m a freak, oh yeah, I am a freak. lol

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  5. Oh I read this yesterday and I forgot to post a reply. I’m glad we finally got to meet in person, Tina! Yay for nonstop conversations about books. I hope we can do something like this again in the near future. :P

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