Happy Book Club Anniversary!



I should be writing reviews, but I’m not, but since this is a bookish thing, anyway, I will write about it. :D

It’s our book club’s third anniversary today! Technically, our book club was born online in Goodreads around 2007, but it wasn’t really alive, until around 2009 or so, when people started posting. And then in 2010, they had their first meet-up.

I wasn’t there, but I was at the second meet-up. As I always say, that has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. I am thankful to the one who invited me, and everyone else who made staying in the group (and being a moderator) awesome. :) My reading life has been more colorful because of this group, and my life has been funnier because of these people. ♥

We have a lot of events lined up for this month, so if you’re a Filipino on Goodreads and you’ve been looking for a book club to join — we are right here! If you’re a lurker, then this is the best time to unlurk! :) Come and join the fun (and the clinginess)!

Happy 3rd anniversary, Goodreads – The Filipino Group!

2 Thoughts on “Happy Book Club Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary to TFG, Tina! You guys are bookishly awesome! More bookish discussions, more bookish meetups, and more bookish discussions to you!

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