When Book Lovers Meet

That sounded like a title for a love story.

But it’s not. Okay, there were “lovers”, but not in the romantic sense. More like a group of people who love one thing, and would stay talking for almost nine hours just talking about that thing.

Wait, let me backtrack.

A few months ago, after I started posting more in this blog, I also started to posting in the Filipino groups in Goodreads. I have to admit that I only started posting because I saw Chachic was active, and I was curious with the local group. So I started posting. And posting. And posting.

Then I got an invite for the second meet up. I really wasn’t planning to attend because the venue wasn’t where I usually go to. But when I learned that the invites were for selected people only (and there was free lunch)…I can’t not go, right? So I said yes.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, after lots of excited posts in the Goodreads group, it was time for the meet up. I realized as I made my way to the far away restaurant that I have no idea who these people were, and I’m putting blind faith into the posts I read in Goodreads. I’d have to assume they’re nice people because there wouldn’t be a second meet-up if the first one wasn’t fun and they didn’t get along, right?

And besides, how violent can a group of book-lovers be?

Apparently, for this particular book, they can be pretty violent. ;)

Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman

How many people were fighting for this book again?

But I’m getting ahead of myself again. They were really nice people, and I felt at home with them after just a few minutes of talk. They reminded me so much of my Wrimos, only with more passion for books than writing. I mean, the PinoyWrimos obviously love books, too, but whenever we meet, all we talk about are plots, word counts, novels, Chuck Norris and how bad Twilight is. With the Goodreads people (how do we call ourselves? Goodreaders?), there’s lots of book talk, and…well, discussions on how bad Twilight is. Heh.

The three-hour meet-up at Yam Cha was extended up to five, to make time for the games to see who will win the most coveted books.

Pinoy Henyo

Aaron, contestant #1 who was ready to "kill" to get the coveted book

Pinoy Henyo

Ariel, the second contender for the book. He'd probably kill for that, too.

Pinoy Henyo

Jam, our emcee and reigning Queen of Yam Cha

Pinoy Henyo

Kuya Doni, the birthday celebrant

Pinoy Henyo

Ruby, the first one who got a right answer after n players :D

I would post other pictures, but all others were channeling photos from The Ring and are too blurry to be posted. My camera, Ashley, is old already. :(

The real winner of the book was decided after we played charades, and Aaron ended up being the Mighty Evil Overlord bringing home the book. I wasn’t after any particular book, really, so it didn’t matter who won. I was just glad to see that all the years playing charades in high school, college, YFC and at work paid off with our game. :P

After we exited Yam Cha, it seemed like no one wanted to say goodbye yet, so we ended up at Trinoma. I needed to go there to get my copy of Tall Story by Candy Gourlay for my Pinoy Pop review from Powerbooks, and the others? Well, would book lovers resist going to a bookstore? I don’t think so.

After Powerbooks, we headed to Cafe Breton and spent yet another two to three hours chatting about books, vacations, movies and other juicy stuff that will not be blogged here. :)

I was planning to go home early, really, and I was already feeling a slight relapse of asthma after a few hours of chatting, but I just couldn’t go away. That’s how much fun I had with these people — people I dub as “my kind” because of the common love of books. Thrilling, really. I mean, I have friends who love books, but I’ve never really met people who are as noisy as them and can talk about books (and other stuff) for hours and hours.

And just like any fun meet-up, it’s still not over. My inbox has been spammed with Goodreads post notifications since Sunday, and I’m not complaining. If I may use Anne Shirley’s words, I think I just found some kindred spirits. :)



So that was my Saturday. I didn’t get to read too much, but I think all the book talk just made up for it. How was yours? :)

18 Thoughts on “When Book Lovers Meet

  1. Hey, I didn’t know that you checked out the Goodreads Filipinos group because I’m active there! LOL. Too bad I couldn’t go to this one. I had a jampacked weekend and couldn’t squeeze in the meet up. :( Maybe I can go to the third one! I’m sure there will be another one. It’s funny that you guys went to Cafe Breton again.

    • Chachic: Yes, it was because of you I started posting! Too bad you weren’t there, I wanted to meet you! Hope to see you next time. :D

  2. Thanks for posting this, Tina! Im glad to know you had a great time at the meet up. :D

  3. I just feel like I need to comment here even if I already posted this everywhere. :)
    I’m glad you enjoyed and we didn’t scare you.

    I knew it! You’re knight in shining armor ;) is a loyal follower of mine, geez, look at the pose!

    And er, thanks for coining yet another title for me. :D

    • Aaron! Hehe I don’t scare too easily. I think. :P

      Maybe Ariel is channeling your Evil Overlord-ness.

      And no problem about the new nickname. I think it fits after you said you’re fond of villains. Heh.

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