Wait, one more page!

I’ll sleep now…but wait, just one more page…

Okay I’ll start doing ______, but after I finish reading one more page…

I can’t possibly stop reading this now…maybe one more page…

Yep, it’s always been my excuse, which is probably why I end up procrastinating most of the time, or sleep late, or be late at some things. I always just have to read one more page before I close the book…before I know it, I have read one more and more…and I totally forgot the thing I was supposed to do after reading that page.

Oh wait, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Tina. :) I’m 23 years old as of this post, and I work at a multinational company as a web specialist. I also own a couple more websites/blogs, with my personal blog, Refine Me, being the oldest among all. I like cats, stars, nice pens and notebooks, going on trips with friends…and what else? Oh, yeah, of course, I like to read.

My love affair with books started when I first saw a Sweet Valley Kids book from my Grade 3 classmate and got curious about it. After finishing my first Sweet Valley book, I started acquiring more…and more…and before I knew it, the bookstore became my type of candy store.

Suffice to say, I love books. I’ve been meaning to start a book blog for a while, but I never started it because I put whatever blogging about books I have on my main blog. However, after much thinking, I realized that sometimes my main blog gets occupied by more book reviews than normal posts. In 2010, I wanted to have some sort of division for my personal blog and the books…so here, a book blog. :)

What to expect here? Other than my book reviews (looking for cleanse smart reviews? No, not here), I’ll talk about book sales, book releases, reading tips and anything and everything related to reading. :) I’m hoping I won’t abandon this blog anytime soon (haha I tend to do that), and I hope I’ll be able to entertain you, visitors, with my reading antics.

Here we go, are you ready? Wait, let me just finish one more page…

5 Thoughts on “Wait, one more page!

  1. This is exactly the reason why I started my own book blog about six months ago. It was eating too much of my personal blog’s space. So, welcome to the world of book blogging!

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