In My Mailbox (22): Birthday Mailbox, Part 1

I haven’t done an In My Mailbox post in ages, even if I’ve been sort of steadily getting books ever since my last post. Oops. I guess I was just lazy. I meant to do an IMM post for my Christmas loot but laziness got to me, and truth be told, I’m just not in the mood to post about it anymore. You’ll just see some of the books I got then in my reviews soon, when I get to read some of them. :)

But let’s try again. March is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month! I thought I’d turn over a new leaf as far as posting IMMs are concerned, so instead of a one-time big-time post, I thought I’d post in increments (assuming I get more before this month ends :D)!

So here we go — my first birthday mailbox post! :) I got some really cool stuff recently, and some of them were things I was totally not expecting! First, my favorite artist, Dave Barnes, released Stories to Tell, his newest album, the other day. :D Cue Squee here!

Stories to Tell

Stories to Tell by Dave Barnes on my iPod <3

I had it pre-ordered on iTunes, and when I got the email that it’s ready for download, I turned on my phone’s data and used it to download the album on my iPod immediately! I’ve been listening to it since I got it and as usual, Mr. Barnes delivers. ♥

Second. I got home yesterday and saw an unopened pink courier package on the kitchen counter. Since it was still unopened, I was pretty sure it was mine. Inside:

Hm, mystery package!

Inside this:

The Peach Keeper, a postcard and kitty bookmark :)

Okay, who sent the package wasn’t a mystery really, because I already saw it from the paper included in the courier slip. :P I just thought it had more suspense that way. But since you don’t know yet, here’s what’s written on the postcard:

Thanks, Chachic! :)

Thanks so much, Chachic! :) I also received a lion themed postcard earlier in the month from her (no picture, sorry!) from her Puffin postcard set, and as you can see from this photo, this came from her Ladybird postcard set. Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift! :D (Oh and yes, the lion here looks very Curran :D)

Hm, you know what? Now that I thought about it, I realized that I got all my Sarah Addison Allen books as gifts from friends! That’s probably some kind of gift-giving book magic. :)

11 Thoughts on “In My Mailbox (22): Birthday Mailbox, Part 1

  1. YAY, glad the package arrived safely! I was starting to wonder if the courier was able to deliver it yesterday. I didn’t want to ask you because I wanted it to be a surprise. :P It’s always nice to get stuff in the mail. All of your Sarah Addison Allen books were given as gifts? That’s awesome! And you’re the first one to get a Ladybird postcard from me. I haven’t even posted the pictures for that set.

    I was planning to do birthday IMM posts in segments too but I usually just get books form my college friends because that’s the group that asks for wishlists every birthday. So my most recent IMM is probably my birthday IMM for this year, unless I use the Fully Booked GCs to buy books. :)

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  3. Chachic is the best!

    That’s a cute post card.
    And YAY Sarah Addison Allen.

    Happy birthday :-)

  4. The Peach Keeper! :) I’ve only read Garden Spells and I loved it! The postcard makes me miss the Ladybird books I used to read when I was a kid. :) These are all great gifts from Chachic. :D

    Happy Birthday Tina!

    • I’ve read the two other SAA books but Garden Spells feels the most magical. I’m excited for The Peach Keeper, though! :) Thanks Tin!

  5. Happy happy birthday! That was so sweet of Chachic! I can recognize that teeny tiny print from anywhere. ;)

    I saw Dave Barnes album was out and only sampled one song before I got caught up in something else. What do you think of it?

    • Thanks again Capillya! I like the new album — it’s very poppy and very Dave. There are more fast songs in the album but I don’t mind since I listen to it to keep myself awake during lulls at work! Hee. My favorite song so far is Stories to Tell. :)

  6. Super late, but Happy Birthday, Tina! :) May the Lord continue to bless you.

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