Required Reading 2013: September (and then some)

Hello folks, look at that – it’s September! In the Philippines, Christmas preparations start as early as today so I will go ahead and say: Merry Christmas! :P

On another note, August has come and gone, and I read a lot of books this month (compared to last month, anyway) because there were several long weekends in the month. :) I wasn’t able to finish all August books, though, because I got distracted by other shiny little books along the way. Still, no regrets. :D

  • Tall Story by Candy Gourlay (4/5) – the reread was as charming as the first time. We had our discussion yesterday and it was filled with warmth, especially with all the sibling stories we shared. :)
  • No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July (3/5) – I didn’t like some of the stories, but there were others that were really good ones. Here’s to trying to find time to blog about it soon.

I didn’t touch Jasper Fforde’s book at all, or even made really good progress with A Clash of Kings. Well. But I’m not hurrying anything, so…let’s go to September. :D

Required Reading: September

No particular theme this month, except for that spillover from July. I’ve tried to balance out the serious and lighter books but I don’t even know if I will be able to read them all. Heh. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to try. :D

September 2013 books

  1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov – our book club’s book of the month. I hope I’m ready for this. XD
  2. A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin – it is my hope to finish this soon, except that I’m still at page 250ish. Not that it’s boring — it’s not. I’m just not in the mood for it for some reason. Oh well, I must soldier on!
  3. The Zigzag Effect by Lili Wilkinson – something light to offset the first two. :)
  4. The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne Valente – just because the main character’s name is September. :)

Now we go to the “and then some” part of the post. I haven’t really been blogging, obviously, and I think I found out why: I’m not too interested in it anymore. This doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, though — I think maybe I just need a little change. I think I may have outgrown the “One More Page” aspect of this blog.

SO…I am going to apologize in advance if I don’t really blog yet anytime soon, but trust me, I’ve got something going on for this blog. It may include a blog facelift of sorts and even a name change, something to reflect my new reading habits, among other things. :) This won’t take too long, I hope! (Maybe by mid September? :D)

Have a happy reading month, you guys. :)

15 Thoughts on “Required Reading 2013: September (and then some)

  1. Still looking forward to that facelift plan! :)

    • Hee, it might come out sooner than I thought — I finished most of the layout stuff yesterday. I just have to work on some of the posts. But if I get lazy with that, I’ll just go ahead and put it up. :))

  2. I haven’t really been blogging, obviously, and I think I found out why: I’m not too interested in it anymore

    – Right on. Wow, I think I have been denying this truth myself. Thanks for this. :)

    • I’m not as enthusiastic as I was back in 2011…and I really don’t feel like reviewing sometimes. I think it happens to everyone…hence the impending layout/name change. :) I believe in no pressure in blogging. :D

  3. Cheering you on for A Clash of Kings! :) And, like Monique, eager to see the facelift. :)

    I did say I might skip Required Reading for a few months but ~ :D

  4. Yay! You guys are going to read Lolita! That novel is glorious! It works on so many different levels.

    • I’ve heard really good things about Lolita. I’m pretty sure it’s not something I would’ve picked up on my own, so I’m kinda thankful it won the poll. :D

  5. Wow, a face lift!
    Reading through different blogs, I think the secret into keeping the interest is making new projects once in awhile. It works not just for the readers, but for the blogger as well.
    Here’s my reading list for September. ♥

    • A little shock to the system should do. :) I’m excited to put it up! Plus I am seriously going to revive the features I had in this blog. I got too lazy to do them in the past months. :)

  6. Ooh. I think I may have Fairyland book 1. Is Fell Beneath book 2? I am rooting you on for ACOK and Lolita too. And as always, I wish you a great September Tina! :D Here’s my list.

    • Hi Tin! Yes, that’s book 2. Fairyland 1 was really good. :)

      And thanks! I read a chapter last night…but I have so many pages to goooo. :))

  7. This post makes me guilty. I am so lousy when it comes to participating in reading our club’s book of the month. :|

    And I envy you for being so courageous in reading GoT. I have the complete series but I don’t think I’m strong enough to read it. I’ve heard that George is a notorious character murderer. :| Is it wrong to wish for a happy ending? :D

    I hope you can read all your September TBR books. And advance Happy Christmas, Tina!

    • Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the comment. :D Aw, don’t feel guilty! You can always join the book of the month readalong anytime. :)

      Haha, I’m totally, totally slacking off on ACoK. I wanted to buy the entire set back then but I realize I don’t know if I can commit to it, so I just buy one book a year from the series. Oh, and it’s definitely not wrong to wish for a happy ending. ;)

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