ReaderCon 2013: Filipino Friday (1): Reader Species

It’s that time of the year again, and I predict I’m going to be really, really busy for the next few weeks because of this:


The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon will be on November 9, 2013 at the Rizal Library in ADMU. I’ve always been excited for ReaderCons, but I’m especially excited for this one because we’ve got a great program, and this is definitely a bigger event than last year‘s. :)

As with last year’s events, we have the Filipino Fridays again, and look, I am actually on time for this time around. :D Here’s the first week topic:

Hello, Reader! Let’s get to know you, and more importantly, what kind of reader are you? Laura E. Kelly released an infographic about Reader species — under what Domain/Class/Family/Genus/Species do you fall under? Give examples, and feel free to talk about why you belong to that species. Who knows, you may find readers in your own genus. ;)


Okay first off, a quick introduction to the new visitors on the blog. Hi, I’m Tina, and I am a book addict. Or, okay, that’s a little old. I’m Tina, 27, and I am a Filipino Book Blogger. I work as a content manager in the morning (or afternoon, depending on the shift), and I read as much as I can every chance I get. I’m one of the administrators of a local book club based in Goodreads, The Filipino Group. :)

So what’s my species? I’m pretty sure I’m a “cross-bred reader mutt”, as mentioned in the infographic. :D

Book Lover > Compulsive > Book Abuser:

  • The Book BusterYou dog-ear book pages and take books out into the sun. Eat over them, too. The more beaten up the book, the more beloved.
    – Well what’s my new blog name again? :D I eat while I read, I read while I eat, and I read outside. I don’t even mind cracked spines. I don’t abuse it on purpose — I don’t even think of it as “abuse”. I think of it as a book having more personality. :)
  • The Book RescuerHave 24 boxes in the garage filled with wonderful books rescued from other garages and used book stores.
    – Well, I do not have 24 boxes, but I do have a habit of saving books from stores and giving them good homes. My friends call it “doing a Tina”. :D

Book Lover > Situational:

  • App Happy Whenever there’s crumb of time, or just if you’re bored, will download or read whatever’s next up in your ebook queue.
    – This is why I always bring my Kindle, and I have a Kindle app on my phone. Never go out without a book! :D

Book Lover > Social:

  • The Book ClubberFavorite social event is the monthly book club get together. Look forward to more than just discussions of books.
    – Oh, if it isn’t obvious yet. :) My book club is fantastic, yo.

Book Lover > Free Range:

  • The Cross-UnderA grown-up who reads YA or kids books, or a kid who reads adult books.
    – I don’t read a lot of YA nowadays, but I still like reading it. :)

Other Readers > Conflicted:

  • Delayed Onset ReaderBuy one or many books but months may go by before starting them. When you do you are amazed that you waited so long.
    – My TBR pile at home is a proof of this.

There you go. I used to be The Chronological Reader and Compulsive Book Buyer, but I guess I evolved? How about you — what kind of reader are you? :)