2012 Book Report

We’re down to less than 30 hours left for 2012, and I think I’ll spend my last day being sappy/sentimental about the last day of a very good year. I also feel that I may not be able to finish another book until tomorrow, so here’s my 2012 book report. :) How was my 2012 reading year?

Image from we heart it

Image from we heart it

Total books read: 103
Total pages read:
Total print books: 69
Total ebooks:
Total audiobooks: 2
Total rereads: 8
* Includes 160 pages from Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares and 15 pages from Life of Pi

Written by male authors: 38*
Written by female authors: 67*
* Books written by a male and a female author count twice

Reviews written: 90

5 stars – 16
4 stars – 51
3 stars – 28
2 stars – 7
1 star – 1
Did not Finish – 0

2011 Challenges Status:
2 out of 4 books for Chubby Chunkster Challange
3 out of 5 classics for 2012
26 out of 20 books for 20 Filipino Books
8 books for The Reread Factor
28 books for Required Reading

Compared to 2011, all my numbers seem lower, except for the Filipino books. I feel a bit disappointed that I only got to 103 books — my original unwritten goal (at least, my first Goodreads challenge) was 150, but sometime around middle of the year, I started lagging behind. Then I lowered the total number to 120, and then finally lowered it to a solid 100. Oh, and I hardly dented my TBR — I didn’t even make it reach less than 100 books! I think my lowest is 115? I didn’t buy as many books this year, but somehow, I think I acquired more! Strange, isn’t it?

But even if I read fewer books this year, and I read slower now, I think it’s still a good reading year. I read 12 books for our book discussions, and 2/3 of it are books that I normally do not read. I’ve explored so many genres and authors this year that I have started moving away from my usual YA fare, and I have actually started roaming around the other shelves in the bookstores that I normally ignore. I am really excited for this, because I feel like I’m growing up as a reader. Have you ever felt that, too?

As for other bookish things, there’s the United We Read ReaderCon and the very bookish TFG year that made 2012 a very, very bookish year indeed. I kind of sucked at blogging, so I’m sorry about that. There are just some times when blogging has to take a bit of a back seat, but I promise to try harder next year. Oh, and I also said goodbye to Astrid the Kindle 2, but I’m getting a new reading toy very soon (Paperwhite ♥) and I cannot wait to read more books on that!

So that’s 2012 in reading. :) I have about a third of my 2013 reading plan somewhere in my head, because a part of me likes winging things, so I may leave some of my book selections next year to chance. Or, my mood.

I hope you all had a great 2012, and here’s to more bookish adventures in 2013! Happy new year, everyone!

6 Thoughts on “2012 Book Report

  1. Congratulations, Tina! *throws confetti* :D

  2. Congratulations!!! ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

  3. Hey, Tina! Have a reading-filled 2013! Love reading your stats for the year. And I agree with you: quantity might go down, but growing as a reader is more fun.:)

    • Hi Honey! Thank you. :) I’m so excited to find more books and authors to like this year. I’m so glad to have many bookish friends (yes, that includes you! :D) who give really good recommendations.

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