2013 Book Report

So another year ends, and time for some numbers! How was my 2013 in terms of reading?

Image from we heart it

Image from we heart it

Total books read: 78 + 2 Animorphs reread
Total pages read:
Total print books: 46
Total ebooks:
Total audiobooks: 0
Total rereads: 5
* Includes 82 pages from History in English Words

Written by male authors: 24
Written by female authors: 56

Reviews written: 54

5 stars – 13
4 stars – 41
3 stars – 23
2 stars – 1
1 star – 0
Did not Finish – 0

2013 Challenges Status:
4 out of 4 books for Chubby Chunkster Challange
1 out of 5 classics for 2013
24 out of 20 books for 20 Filipino Books
27 books for Required Reading

Well, 2013 is definitely lower than 2012, or 2011, I have to say. Life was a little bit busier this year, and again, I seem to have started reading a lot slower now (except maybe for the past few days, but that’s because I’m on vacation). I don’t really mind, because I think I’ve gone past the point that I need to read, read, read so many books in a year just to feel accomplished. I liked that I hardly had low-rated books this year, though — I guess it means I’m learning to choose only the books I would surely like…or I’m just lucky that I read the books I ended up liking.

I read a lot ebooks this year, much thanks to Hannah the Kindle. However, that meant my print TBR pile didn’t budge, and I want to tackle that next year. I love my Kindle, but I do miss reading print books, feeling paper and yeah, dog-earing them, too.

There were many, many bookish events this year but I hardly documented them here…because…well, life. And perhaps I am feeling just a little burned out with book blogging, and I’m sure it’s obvious because I hardly reviewed books compared to last year. I mean, I wrote a lot of them, still, but for the latter part of the year, I was just reading and not reviewing. I gave the blog a new look and a new name, but still, I didn’t review a lot. I still think it’s because of life, and other things, really, but let’s see where this goes. (Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Not yet. :D)

But overall, despite life and all other things that happened in 2013, I still think it’s a pretty good reading year. And there’s just more books to read and maybe review in the next year. Right? :)

I leave you now with my best books of 2013, with some honorable mentions. :D

Honorable mentions:

Happy end of 2013, everyone. :)

2012 Book Report

We’re down to less than 30 hours left for 2012, and I think I’ll spend my last day being sappy/sentimental about the last day of a very good year. I also feel that I may not be able to finish another book until tomorrow, so here’s my 2012 book report. :) How was my 2012 reading year?

Image from we heart it

Image from we heart it

Total books read: 103
Total pages read:
Total print books: 69
Total ebooks:
Total audiobooks: 2
Total rereads: 8
* Includes 160 pages from Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares and 15 pages from Life of Pi

Written by male authors: 38*
Written by female authors: 67*
* Books written by a male and a female author count twice

Reviews written: 90

5 stars – 16
4 stars – 51
3 stars – 28
2 stars – 7
1 star – 1
Did not Finish – 0

2011 Challenges Status:
2 out of 4 books for Chubby Chunkster Challange
3 out of 5 classics for 2012
26 out of 20 books for 20 Filipino Books
8 books for The Reread Factor
28 books for Required Reading

Compared to 2011, all my numbers seem lower, except for the Filipino books. I feel a bit disappointed that I only got to 103 books — my original unwritten goal (at least, my first Goodreads challenge) was 150, but sometime around middle of the year, I started lagging behind. Then I lowered the total number to 120, and then finally lowered it to a solid 100. Oh, and I hardly dented my TBR — I didn’t even make it reach less than 100 books! I think my lowest is 115? I didn’t buy as many books this year, but somehow, I think I acquired more! Strange, isn’t it?

But even if I read fewer books this year, and I read slower now, I think it’s still a good reading year. I read 12 books for our book discussions, and 2/3 of it are books that I normally do not read. I’ve explored so many genres and authors this year that I have started moving away from my usual YA fare, and I have actually started roaming around the other shelves in the bookstores that I normally ignore. I am really excited for this, because I feel like I’m growing up as a reader. Have you ever felt that, too?

As for other bookish things, there’s the United We Read ReaderCon and the very bookish TFG year that made 2012 a very, very bookish year indeed. I kind of sucked at blogging, so I’m sorry about that. There are just some times when blogging has to take a bit of a back seat, but I promise to try harder next year. Oh, and I also said goodbye to Astrid the Kindle 2, but I’m getting a new reading toy very soon (Paperwhite ♥) and I cannot wait to read more books on that!

So that’s 2012 in reading. :) I have about a third of my 2013 reading plan somewhere in my head, because a part of me likes winging things, so I may leave some of my book selections next year to chance. Or, my mood.

I hope you all had a great 2012, and here’s to more bookish adventures in 2013! Happy new year, everyone!

2011 Book Report

I still have a few reviews (two, actually) to write, but I was out yesterday partying with my friends so naturally, I didn’t have any time to write. But now that we’re less than 8 hours to 2012, I have time to give a recap for 2011.

Total books read: 125
Total pages read:
Total print books: 70
Total ebooks:
Total audiobooks: 1
Total rereads: 4
* Includes 564 pages from The Message Bible and 218 pages from Come Be My Light

Written by male authors: 38*
Written by female authors: 91*
* Books written by a male and a female author count twice

Reviews written: 121

5 stars – 25
4 stars – 53
3 stars – 35
2 stars – 8
1 star – 2
Did not Finish – 2

2011 Challenges Status:
20 out of 20 books for TwentyEleven Challenge
5 out of 5 classic books read
15 out of 20 Filipino Books
30 Required Reading Books

Well, this was a pretty good reading year, if I may say so myself. I’ve read and discovered a lot of fantastic books this year, and I think I managed to read more from my TBR pile even if I still keep on adding to it. It’s kind of a good thing I didn’t really receive gift certificates for books as much as I got old navy coupons (or wait, I really didn’t get that, either), because I might’ve bought more than I did. :P Plus, I read five classics! Granted, they’re not all long ones, but still, I finally got to five! :)

This year was also a bigger year for my blogging. I got to join Armchair BEA, met new bloggers online and interacted with people more. There were also other bookish things I attended here — like Goodreads and FBB meet-ups, the Filipino Reader Conference and book launches. I also started writing for another online magazine about book-related things, which is always a good thing. I would definitely do more of these things next year. :)

So yeah, 2011 was all sorts of awesome for reading (and blogging). Next year should be more interesting, especially when I finally pin down what challenges I’m going to join. :)

Now I probably won’t be able to blog again later, so let me take the chance to greet all you lovely readers and visitors a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be more awesome for you and may you read more good books in the coming year. :) Cheers!