30 Summer Feel-Good Reads at Female Network

I wasn’t expecting this list to be up so soon, but it is! Just in time, because after a tropical storm weekend, I was already missing the sunshine. Even if it is too hot sometimes. But what better way to cool off than pick up a feel-good book (and an ice cold drink), right?

I am over at the Female Network once again today for a list of 30 Feel-Good chick lit reads. :)

Click the image to go to the list! :)

I think I’ve read a little more than half of the books on the list, while the others are on my wish list. Much thanks go out to Chachic, Holly, Angie, Janice and Kai for the reviews the posted for some of the books on the list (and their reviews are really the reason why I added some of them in). :)

Hop on over to the list to give your comments or share other feel-good reads! Suggestions for future book lists are also welcome here — leave a comment and I’ll see what books or characters or any-book-related things I can come up with. :D

4 Thoughts on “30 Summer Feel-Good Reads at Female Network

  1. Thanks for including books that I recommended in that list! :) I’m surprised that you picked Love Your Frenemies instead of Fairy Tale Fail. I’m curious about Lani Diane Rich’s books because you keep recommending her – are her books available locally?

    • I went for the summer theme, and I remember a typhoon in FTF. By the time I realized that FTF is more feel-good than LYF, it’s too late. Ah well. :)

      I haven’t spotted many Lani Diane Rich books in Fully Booked, Powerbooks or NBS, but I know some of them are available in Book Sale. :) I’ve liked most of her books so far, so get one when you see one. :D

  2. hi there fellow pinay! i just stumbled upon your blog in goodreads. following you now! thanks btw for posting this from the female network… i have been visiting powerbooks lately and i saw that their chic-lit books are on sale… i am just so tempted to buy books, but since i just have so many books in my tbr pile, i’m trying not to buy more. happy weekend!

    • Hi Yas! Thanks for the visit. :) Oh I’ve been trying to avoid book stores now because the amount of unread books on my shelf is scaring me (and I have friends who have more :P). It’s hard when they go on sale. LOL. Thanks again for the visit, and have a great week ahead. :)

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